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Customer Reviews — AEG OkoMix Technology 10Kg / 6Kg Washer Dryer - White - A Rated

Customer Reviews — AEG OkoMix Technology 10Kg / 6Kg Washer Dryer - White - A Rated

AEG OkoMix Technology L8WEC166R 10Kg / 6Kg Washer Dryer with 1550 rpm - White - A Rated
  • 10kg drum capacity - great for large households
  • Rated A for energy efficiency
  • Settings are automatically adjusted for better results
  • Gives great care to all fabrics as you wash and dry
  • Dimensions (cm) - H85 x W60 x D66
4.5 / 5

AEG quality - the best washer dryer money can buy

After a year with a Samsung washer dryer which did not dry and eventually getting a full refund I bought the machine that I should have got in the first place. This machine is brilliant - its wash cycle is not the quickest but it is most defiantly the best - clothes feel noticeably softer than the Samsung. The drying is in a different class - 1 hour will dry almost anything you put in the drum - amazing. Did I mention that the Samsung was a terrible dryer? 6 hours for 2 small towels and they were still wet - not damp but wet! This machine is expensive but is worth every penny - I would recommend it to everyone.

Super Happy

We weren’t originally planning on spending this much on a new machine but it was one of only four that came up after I had put in all my criteria on the filer page. I’m so happy we did, I couldn’t be more pleased with it. Everything is coming out smelling much nicer than from my old machine even though I used to clean that one regularly. Easy to use, drum is huge so I’m doing noticeably fewer loads already. I’ve only used the dryer once so far but that was brilliant also. Highly recommend.

An intelligent washer

We've had the washer/dryer a week now and love it. It weighs the load and decides how long it needs to wash and his much detergent to put in. As we rarely have a full load this should add up to some decent savings. The auto drying to one of three levels of dryness is great too, no need to work out times or temperatures, it just goes by weight and material. The control panel is quite easy to use after a couple of washes and some playing around. After a week I can get the most out of all the options as settings. In terms of actual washing quality, everything is coming out so clean and white (the previous washer was slowly turning the whites grey), so we're really happy with the washing. Drying is great, everything is coming out so soft and just about right. I usually set it to cupboard dry and the clothes really do feel dry with just a touch of moisture in them which is gone as they cool.

Replacement for 9 year old AEG

Once again a great machine would highly recommend and complete with an almost unique 5 year guarantee !

attractive and excellent machine

I've had the chance to use this new washer dryer a few times now since delivery and it is a huge step up from the old Hotpoint machine I had before. So the appliance itself looks very modern and sits well in the laundry area. The programmes it offers are great and easy to adjust using the extra rinse, drying functions. My favourite feature is the weighing function that tells you how much fabric you can fit in the drum, then it counts up from zero provided it was empty when you chose the program. Clothes actually come out smelling fresh even after tumble drying, compared to the Hotpoint we had before. The steam function is cool and can soften 1kg of fabric/deodorise/reduce creases in half an hour. Good for jeans and the bed sheet. I should imagine it will last a long time as I can wash and dry more than previously. All in all, I'm very happy with this appliance.

Excellent but slow

Machine is excellent, however it does lack a quick wash. The shortest dry to dry for 5kg or washing is close to 8 hours.

Almost perfect, but

Washing is great, quiet and effective. Drying works well to, but it have one major drawback. You can't start just drying, you need to use a program which will wash and then dry. So if you have just a few cloths that can't be dry, you can't just take them out after wash and then start drying.

Great washer

Good washer and dryer. Does what is says on the tin.