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    Customer Reviews — AEG OkoMix Technology 10Kg / 6Kg Washer Dryer - White - A Rated

    Customer Reviews — AEG OkoMix Technology 10Kg / 6Kg Washer Dryer - White - A Rated

    AEG OkoMix Technology L8WEC166R 10Kg / 6Kg Washer Dryer with 1550 rpm - White - A Rated
    • 10kg drum capacity - great for large households
    • Rated A for energy efficiency
    • Settings are automatically adjusted for better results
    • Gives great care to all fabrics as you wash and dry
    • Dimensions (cm) - H85 x W60 x D66
    4.5 / 5

    Flawed but still quality

    I have gone back and forth whether to rate this 2 or 3 stars so I’d like to give it 2.5, 50 percent, satisfactory. The main reason for the low score is that the aeg 7000 9kg has the same main specs 1600 spin, steam etc and actually more useful features such as anti-allergy and a 1 hour wash/dry which this doesn’t? The okopower 4 hour wash/dry is pointless as you can set something similar manually. You can’t set a 1 hour wash dry so why not include it especially when the lower cheaper model has the feature???!! The okomix technology is again pointless. It makes a lot of noise and dilutes your liquid and conditioner . Now our clothes don’t smell as fresh as our previous Samsung washer dryer had them. Only way around this is to add something like unstoppables to the drum. Again the 7000 doesn’t have this and I believe the clothes coming out of that will smell fresher. So for the extra you get okomix and 5 years guarantee. Save yourself the cash and get the 7000. It has more features and is essentially the same performance apart from okomix. Of course the machine does have some pros and I’ll list them below: Pros: 1. It looks really good and suits our modern kitchen. 2. It feels quality. Had a good look and feel around other big name models in the stores and it feel the most solid and robust. 3. The dryer is better than our old Samsung one and needs less time to dry. 4. It’s range of washes are good but nothing the 7000 doesn’t have. Cons: 1. It’s noisy. Anyone posting a review this is quiet then I’ve either got a faulty model or you’ve come from a washing machine about 30 years old. The wash is slightly less noisy than the Samsung on a 1600 spin but the pumps and drain noises are very loud. On the dry the Samsung was miles quieter as it only drained once every 10 mins or so. This does a drain every second for whatever reason I dont know? It’s extremely annoying and makes the drying programme obnoxiously loud. 2. Lack of any quick wash or quick wash/dry again the lesser model has this why not the more expensive? 3. Okomix weakens washing liquid and conditioner thus clothes smell less clean. 4. It’s too big for standard bench sizes and pushing it back too far crushes the draining pipe. (Same issue with Samsung maybe it’s just washer dryers in general) 5. You get less features than a lesser model? Makes you feel why did I spend more and get the 8000. Honestly when looking at the two together I naively thought the 8000 would do everything the 7000 could and more so shelled out the extra. I was wrong.

    Mack Bell

    Firstly, the product does not fit under the average kitchen work top. The front top design is CURVED & protrudes.. a .bad design feature. In pulling out the draw it has broken. You cannot therefore put washing powder & Conditioner in the drawer. I asked for a replacement drawer 3 months ago & I have still not Received it !!. Secondly, the QUICK WASH programme is much too long at 50 minutes .

    Excellent but slow

    Machine is excellent, however it does lack a quick wash. The shortest dry to dry for 5kg or washing is close to 8 hours.

    Almost perfect, but

    Washing is great, quiet and effective. Drying works well to, but it have one major drawback. You can't start just drying, you need to use a program which will wash and then dry. So if you have just a few cloths that can't be dry, you can't just take them out after wash and then start drying.

    A gem

    I have had my new addition a week and what a gem! First time washer dryer for me. The instruction manual confused me at first as it isn’t basic enough for my understanding.So I used YouTube with the manual and found that’s much easier. It’s just nice to put washing on and come back a couple of hours later and it’s all clean and dry (just wish it could iron the hot cotton wash) Advice- use a damp cloth after tumbling round the door frame and drum to remove any fluff. It’s early days but so far I’m loving the ease of my laundry.

    It’s really worth it

    Pricy but worth it. It’s a massive time saver in household tasks

    Pleased so far

    I've only had the machine for about a month now so still quite new to me. Washer: - not as quiet as I would have liked. Although it isn't massively loud, I do find myself closing the door between the kitchen and the utility room and quite glad it isn't in an open plan area - have used the main wash programme for Cottons mostly and it cleans well, however it does take 3 hours to complete, even if the load is only 4-5 kg (not the 10kg full capacity). Once I tried using a different programme (delicates) just to speed things up, but was disappointed on the cleanliness at the end. So I recommend using the long programme and being patient. - I seriously doubt the drum is big enough for a 10kg load. The most I've stuffed it with is about 6kg and I couldn't see how it would be able to fit more clothes in there as it looked pretty full already. And we know clothes need space to move about in order to get better results. Just my 2 cents, maybe I should just push more clothes in and see what happens. Dryer: - I only really use the dryer for puffer jackets that need to fluff up again (the rest of the time I just line dry my clothes and save on energy). This is actually the first time I've invested in a dryer for this reason. - having said that, I found the dryer works very well, and is quieter than expected - also dries quicker than expected, the first time I set it to cupboard dry (which was expected to take 2.5h) but my jacket was ready after 1.5h!

    Mrs M Davies

    I am very happy with the washer/dryer so far but have only had it a few weeks so have not taken advantage of all the programmes as yet!