Customer Reviews — Beko LSG3545S Fridge - Silver - F Rated

Customer Reviews — Beko LSG3545S Fridge - Silver - F Rated

Beko LSG3545S Fridge - Silver - F Rated
  • 252 litre capacity - holds 14 bags of food shopping
  • Auto defrost - no need to manually defrost the fridge
  • Bright LED light illuminates the interior
  • Reversible door to suit your kitchen layout
  • Dimensions (cm) - H145.7 x W54 x D57.5
4.8 / 5

Sleek and spacious.

A lovely sleek and smart looking silver fridge with plenty of space inside, and also in the door with adjustable shelves to suit whatever type and size of product you wish to store. The door shelves will take large (we use 4 pint) milk containers (we stored them on the bottom shelf of the door) and there's room for bottles of juice, squash etc on the door shelves above too. There's also a separate wine rack in the main fridge, which is handy. I like the salad and veg compartment at the bottom. Being in one compartment, rather than two, means you can fit more in, and also store cucumbers, leeks etc without having to cut them! The fridge is slightly narrower than our previous fridge (which was a different make) but the space inside is used more efficiently. The height is just right. Not too tall or imposing, but tall enough (almost as tall as me!) to store a good deal of food and drink! The only thing I wish it had would be a handle, but that's just a very small issue. (You open by putting your hand in the top and pulling the door. Not a problem.) The fridge seems to be working smoothly, quietly and efficiently. We are very pleased with it.
Cherry Cuckoo


A good replacement for a fridge that died after 23 years.

Great fridge

Great fridge! We bought this as a second fridge for drinks and extra food when having get togethers (when we can again!). Very spacious and looks great. Reversing the door opening wasn’t as easy as I would of hoped but managed it in the end.

Excellent product

Great larder fridge, really spacious with wine rack, large salad draw together with looking really nice
Lisa Greatrex

Great for the price.

We down sized from our old fridge and we’re pleasantly surprised how much we could fit in this fridge. The build quality is good for the price and I was able to reverse the door opening with not much trouble and basic tools.
Dave Kemeny

Good Value

Liked the very bright internal light, bottle rack and clean lines. Very quiet refrigerator and excellent value for money.

Great fridge for the family

Great fridge heaps of space for bottle drinks. Good door storage. Smart in grey colour
Luke Quelch

new beko fridge

Needed to replace my previous 16 year old Beko fridge after it decided to go on the blink...found an almost identical one to that being replacec albeit slightly smaller. Works beautifully and love the blue led light
J Connor