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Customer Reviews — Bosch SilentMixx MMB43G3BGB 1.5 Litre Blender with 2 Accessories - Black

Customer Reviews — Bosch SilentMixx MMB43G3BGB 1.5 Litre Blender with 2 Accessories - Black

Bosch SilentMixx MMB43G3BGB 1.5 Litre Blender with 2 Accessories - Black
  • 1.5 litre jug capacity
  • 700 Watt power output
  • Special knife for precise cutting and chopping
  • Handy smoothie filter stops pips getting in your drink
  • Safely blend hot or cold in the thermal glass jug
4.8 / 5

The Smoothie Operator

This blender really is top class! With sturdy suckers on its solid base and a heavyweight thermo-safe glass jug there is total stability with this appliance. The thermo-safe jug will blend both hot and cold mixes which means it is great for hot soups and sauces as well as cold smoothies and shakes. I used mine primarily for healthy smoothies and bolognese sauces with plenty of hidden veggies in. These were super smooth with no grittiness which you sometimes get when you blend tomatoes or strawberries and raspberries. The generous 1.5 litre capacity also crushes ice using one of the preset buttons. Although this appliance is called SilentMixx don't expect it to be silent - for the size and power of this blender it would be unreasonable to expect this. What it is though is significantly quieter than other blenders I have used in the past. There is also no movement at all, no juddering or vibration which might have experienced with other models. In conclusion, my family loved the end products made by the SilentMixx and its sleek, sturdy design is a perfect fit in my kitchen and daily life.

Bosch MMB43G3BGB Blender in Black

I cant believe how quite this blender is iv never really been into smoothies but this isn't just for that you can make soups which is perfect for us , I work odd hours so I'm looking forward to making lots of soups. My son wants to try some ice cream smoothies so looks like it will be a winner in our house

Bosch SilentMixx Blender Review

Overall I would like to say that the Bosch SilientMixx blender is fantastic and the best blender i have had to date. It has functions available for both warm and cold drinks for example it makes fabulous soups and blends them smoothly as well as a cold drinks. it also has the Ice Cube function to make lovely milkshakes and smoothies which has been very popular in my family.This is a modernised blender that is safe, sturdy and silent and the outcome after each use is amazing and will not fail to satisfy you. I am very pleased with this blender and would recommend it to others as it offers unique features that I have not found on other blenders.

Excellent blender

What I like about this blender: sturdy base that doesn't move when blending, quiet operation for a blender, strong glass jug, blades do an excellent job, blender functions are helpful and work well, no leaks during blending, dishwasher safe parts so easy to clean, decent length power cable. What I don't like: not much to say here, other than it's not actually silent as the name suggest! The manual is not the easiest to read but I find that's true with lots of appliances!

Fantastic blender :-)

I had trouble at first to line up the blender as it was very stiff and couldn't line it up. Once it had been lined up once it was easy after. I love this blender it's very sturdy and great quality. I make a lot of milkshakes and sauces for my son and usually takes me ages to get the right texture. But this was super fast and easy . I love the filter part as stops and lumps so the finished product is smooth . I would deff recommend this to friends and family. And I use it daily to hide veg into food sauces for my fussy son.

Fantastic Blender

This blender is fabulous. The glass jug is really thick and sturdy. It connects to the base with a turn and it clicks. Very simple to use. Lots of different settings to use. The bottom of the base has suction caps so it stays where you put it. Very easy to clean. Only downside would be that the wire isn't very long. Other than that it's a great blender

Silent Blender - Or at least a quieter than normal blender

I make a lot of soups and given that I tend to cook at night the quieter the blender the better. I was pleasantly surprised to find out the blender was relatively quiet in comparison to other blenders I've used in the past. Of course its not silence but that not I expected. However its use did not wake up my cousin sleeping upstairs so I was happy. In terms of its different modes the crush mode sufficiently crushed my ice and my fruit smoothie sufficiently smooth :). I would say that its not the easiest to remove from the base but its redeemed by the ease with which it can be cleaned. The bottom bit is removable so one can easily pop off the bottom and clean the jug and the blades easily.

Excellent Blender

I would say this blender is top quality. It is very sturdy and quiet. It makes soups really smooth. I am extremely pleased with it.