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Customer Reviews — Bosch SilentMixx MMB43G3BGB 1.5 Litre Blender with 2 Accessories - Black

Customer Reviews — Bosch SilentMixx MMB43G3BGB 1.5 Litre Blender with 2 Accessories - Black

Bosch SilentMixx MMB43G3BGB 1.5 Litre Blender with 2 Accessories - Black
  • 1.5 litre jug capacity
  • 700 Watt power output
  • Special knife for precise cutting and chopping
  • Handy smoothie filter stops pips getting in your drink
  • Safely blend hot or cold in the thermal glass jug
4.8 / 5

Bosch Silentmixx

This is my second Blender, broke the glass jug and was more expensive to replace hence purchase of second! Very happy!

It works like a dream

We needed to buy a new food processor coz the old one started to burn. I wasn’t so sure about this one because of the price however it has glass jug which is temperature resistant and it had great reviews so I gave in. Honestly, it’s the best buy I ever made! Very efficient and so easy to clean. Comparing to my old one it’s so much quieter even if you’ve added ice. When I was doing hummus it was done within few minutes and it was sooo smooth - before it was always taking me ages and it was more chunky. All over it’s money well spent and I definitely will be recommending to my friends!

Good product

Brilliant product, chops up fruit with ease, makes brilliant smoothies, also good for making cocktails. The only down side is it’s quiet loud to use. And it will only chop us a small amount of ice.

Great Blender

Really sturdy, well made as you'd expect from Bosch. The jug is stiff when you lock it into position and even stiffer to remove but I just use a bit of elbow grease. I use it to whizz up juice with spinach and I've also made soup. Makes a great job of both.

A Heavy Bulky Machine

The blender works well as a blender. I do echo the comments that the glass top is very heavy and my wife has some difficulty in removing it from the base. The juicer is unsatisfactory. We are currently juicing part of a glut of apples and the juicer attachment does not work and we have had to return to our 20 year old outlines dedicated juicer

Bosch SilentMixx MMB43G3BGB 2.3 Litre Blender

Let me start by saying "My wife loves her SOOMTHIES and she is in her late 70's, so this review is from an elderly person’s perspective. We bought this Bosch Blender to replace a previous blender that was showing its age. After unpacking the blender and giving it a wash, it was time to make our first smoothie. So in went all the fruit etc. and then we tried to turn it on, but nothing happened. I then realised that the jug was not completely centralised. With a bit of brute force, I managed to centralise the jug and hey presto the blender sprang to life and it made its first smoothie. All went well until we tried to remove the jug from the base. It took both of us to twist the jug anti clockwise to remove the jug. Next day I tried to see if the jug centralised any better before putting any fruit etc. in. But it was still as stiff, so I got a cotton bud and sprayed some silicon lubricant on to the bud and wiped the bud into the groves of the motor base and hey presto, after a couples of tries, the wife can now use the blender on her own with no problems. Having taste tested the smoothie; we were both very pleased at the consistency and flavour. The blender has a Smoothie Insert, which is very handy if you do not want any pips in your smoothie. The jug is made of borosilicate glass which is very heat resistant, so very hot ingredients can be processed. The lid can be used to feed extra ingredients in, but make sure the blender is off; otherwise you could get sprayed with ingredients. So make sure the Measuring cup is in the lid before using. Our blender came with a Universal cutter jug as well. Not quite sure what that does yet. But I think it’s for cutting ingredients. The blender also has pulse function for ice cubes. With this Bosch blender you can also make cocktails, milkshakes and cut raw fruit and vegetables. The jug is very easy to clean, although we have not yet taken the black bottom part of the jug off, but it does not look that will be too much of a problem. We would give this blender 10 out of 10 and we are 110% satisfied with it and would certainly recommend it. It appears very well built and is a lot quieter than our previous blender. The controls are easy to understand. Plus it comes with 2 year warranty. The wife thinks that the 2.3ltr jug on this blender is not as heavy as our 1.7ltr jug on our previous blender.

Mega blender

Great blender and much quieter than our old one. Powerful too and no problem blending. Would recommend to everyone

Smoothie operator

Our old blender packed up. Spotted this one on Ao. Great reviews. Great quality product, quiet. Extremely good value for money