Customer Reviews — Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case (2nd Gen) -White

Customer Reviews — Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case (2nd Gen) -White

Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case (2nd Gen) - White
Save £7
Was £156
  • Wireless in-ear headphones - great for using on-the-go
  • Case holds multiple charges for 24 hours of listening
  • Intuitive tap control
  • Use Siri to control playlists with your voice
  • Fast wireless charging with compatible devices
4.9 / 5

Great Product

Amazing product, easy to connect to phone and never knew that once you take an ear phone out of your ear it pauses the music, so much easier than going onto your phone to pause a track. Highly recommend if you’re thinking of purchasing.
Daniel Williams

Brilliant product

This is my first time ever owning Apple AirPods and I’m loving them
Michael Macdonald

Wireless for sound

Great product at an amazing price.

Best headphones for iPhone from an overall perspective.

I recently switched from Android to iPhone but wanted to keep using my Soundcore headphones with the iPhone. Chise to purchase these headphones and they are amazing. They are simply part of all my daily activities. They are one with the iPhone. Amazing product. Easy to use and very useful being pared with my iPad in the same time. Much more easier to use than a third party.
Mr H


I do not know how I could live without these before

5 stars

Great product and great service


excellent service quality ear pods thank you

My birthday gift

The product is really Good, I was scared to buy from here because although it’s an apple product Ao isn’t apple, but I am really surprised because the AirPods are actually really loud (which is advised not to put it on its highest), the AirPods connect to your phone really quickly, they also connect to laptops and other devices very quick aswell. When I received them I didn’t even realise that at the bottom there is a charger and that charger works really well too, the AirPods last quite long for each ears, I used them both once but mostly I use only one of them so if you’re like me then you don’t have to worry about charging them because you can jugle between them and never go AirPodless which is really cool. So overall the AirPods are Amazing, the chargé Quick, they take time to run out of charge, and the wireless side of it was so cool I’ve never had anything wiseless so wireless charging for he AirPods is a game changer woow, but yeah I love the AirPods, thé quality is a 10/10, it doesn’t cut or act weird while on phone calls, the other person can hear you clearly without saying I can’t hear you or  you’re breaking  and you can hear perfectly fine. The only thing I would change is I would love it if we were able to customise our name on the case. Thank you so Much for giving me a good birthday present I’m really glad I bought these AirPods and went wireless. I am also glad I got the second generation ones and not the first, I honestly thought I was going to waste my money but I didn’t.