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    Customer Reviews — Hotpoint SUPREMECHEF MWH338SX 33 Litre Combination Microwave Oven - Stainless Steel

    Customer Reviews — Hotpoint SUPREMECHEF MWH338SX 33 Litre Combination Microwave Oven - Stainless Steel

    Hotpoint SUPREMECHEF MWH338SX 33 Litre Combination Microwave Oven - Stainless Steel
    • 33 litre capacity - great for medium-sized households
    • 900 Watt power output – cooks food rapidly and evenly
    • Grill function is perfect for quick snacks
    • Heats from 2 directions for perfect, even cooking
    • Microwave and grill work together for perfect results
    4.6 / 5

    Great product - not prefect.

    I did spend a lot of time researching Microwave Oven's, and there are 3 areas where this Hotpoint stand out from the rest. First thing is the size, at 32 Ltrs you do not want to get one that's smaller that this. Unless perhaps you are only making food for one person. In my previous (average size) microwave I have countless times complained about not having enough space for everything. This is truly the size to go for if you cook for two or more people. Secondly is the features. it makes sense getting one that has multi functions as in a very short time I have used most of the functions and have discovered how disappointed I would have been with a basic model. Do not overlook this part of the oven. Thirdly is the price. This model is mid range of the price bracket and with long discussions with my wife we considered getting an entry level product. But would have been sadly disappointed since size takes a cut and then its almost useless if you want to use it for 2 or more people and feature wise. You really cannot live without them. You might as well just buy a normal microwave if you want to save money. it is not worth going smaller. I give this product 4 starts Pro's Great size Good features Looks great Cons Sometimes takes a bit longer than you think to cook a dish. (it might be that i don't have it on the right setting) I Like it !
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    Huge microwave

    To big had to send it back it’s massive so never got to use it it just about fitted on worktop so be aware
    Derrick fernandez
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    Great so far!

    We’ve only had this a week but so far it’s been amazing. Very easy to use and cooks everything well as long as you use the right settings.
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    Cooking SO EASY

    I love my new microwave- it makes cooking so easy and I have been really thrilled with using the different programmes it offers. I have used it for frozen Pizzas (crispy bottom), frozen steak & kidney pies with lovely pastry - roast Beef joint and roast Chicken and am looking forward to using all the features this great microwave offers. Thank you
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    So much more than a microwave!

    This combination microwave oven was perfect for me, as I did not have a grill at home (just an Aga) and it fills in the gaps for me with the grill and crisping function. It's a very smart looking appliance, in stainless steel and gloss black. The dual crisp technology means that the microwave and grill work together which is perfect for thins like chips and roast potatoes so you can get a crispy finish and soft inside- I made perfect roast potatoes in it only using a little bit of oil- it will crisp the bottom and the top so no need for turning. It's very easy to use- with my favourite 'quick start' function which gives you 30 seconds (easily increased with the dial), and there are lots of pre-set cooking choices that you can use- eg. melting chocolate, defrosting bread. Also a great function is that there is that you do not need to stir halfway through cooking, the microwave has multiwave technology which basically means that it doesn't give you hot and cold spots in the food as a lot of other models do. This would be perfect for anyone looking for a totally multipurpose cooker- you can cook so many things in it, and it pretty much covers all bases! For me the only downside is the ventilation space it requires (30cm above it) which means it doesn't fit under any of my overhanging cupboards, and as it is a large appliance I have struggles slightly to find an appropriate space for it in the kitchen. I am so happy to have this for Christmas as I feel like it will take care of some of the elements and free up oven space so I won't be juggling things!
    Product Tester
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    Excellent backup for a main cooker

    I bought this combi-oven as a replacement for a very ancient Sharp device. The oven is used as a backup for when the main kitchen oven is overloaded, or as happened recently, out of order. The Sharp appeared to be functionally OK but the convection oven never reached its stated temp. The new oven will be used in a similar way but will have more work from the outset as the main oven is still out of commission. The first reading of the manual shows this device to have many 'helper' functions for specific meals. These combine the microwave, grill and convection elements to create an overall program. I tried one of the programs as a test and it worked fine, but that is not how this machine will be used. As a straightforward fan oven replacement it works well. It heats quickly and stays at the correct temperature. Also, the grill works fine. I can't find many problems with the device but will mention two foibles. When closing the door you will probably knock one of the touch symbols on the front of the oven. To avoid this, close it from the ends of the handle rather than the centre. The second oddity is that the crisping tray is made of such soft metal that it warps in the oven. It is easy enough to bend back into shape but it feels a bit cheap to have to do so. Overall, I like the oven and it does its job well. It was good value for money, looks good in the kitchen, and I've no doubt will be used in my kitchen for years.
    Dean Smith
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    Amazing functional family microwave oven

    I bought this oven as a replacement from a sharp combi 40l that served me for 7 years so was undecided whether to replace that one or try another brand. I'm glad I decided to go for this one. Has a ton of functions which are practical for a family of 4, really does cut down the cooking time even compared to my previous one. The dual crisp fry allows to make healthier meals I have even used it for plantain. It is more cost effective than an oven for smaller meals. Its eady to clean. Yes the settings can get erased if you touch the screen whilst opening closing however this is minor as I am mindful just to open the other way. Don't know if it will last as long as the sharp but it is a wonderful every day combi oven
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    Instructions are rubbish

    I love it but struggling on how to use it at the moment but I will get it with trial and error the instruction booklet is not very helpful at all but the delivery service from AOL. Com was brilliant I am really pleased with it especially when I am used to it
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