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    Customer Reviews — Apple AirPods Pro With Wireless Charging Case

    Customer Reviews — Apple AirPods Pro With Wireless Charging Case

    Apple AirPods Pro With Wireless Charging Case
    Save £20
    Was £219
    • In-ear headphones - compact & great for use on-the-go
    • Bluetooth connectivity with 4.5 hours of battery life
    • Active noise cancelling blocks out external sound
    • Play, pause & skip tracks by squeezing the force sensor
    • Stay aware of your surroundings with transparency mode
    4.9 / 5

    Good all round earphones

    Great sound from such a small device, good battery life and works well on an android phone.

    Super sound quality and ease of use

    I had read good reviews so had high hopes, but they have exceeded my expectations. Great sound, really easy to use, great charging case and long battery life. And the noise cancelling is very effective too - but especially great that you can easily switch from noise cancelling mode to transparent. Much better fit (for my ears in any case) that the previous earpod design.

    Great Product

    Superb fit, superb sound, superb functionality no better headphones on the market


    Amazing product, I have always liked apple products and the AirPods 2 have not disappointed. They fit really well and are comfortable, the modes to change them through is excellent, never had a set of headphones that can do different modes for example letting in voices of people speaking or total noise cancellation. I would recommend these to everyone. Go get them, no time to lose :)

    Apple AirPods Pro With Wireless Charging Case

    I ordered these for my Daughter’s Christmas present. Most suppliers were ‘out of stock’, including the Apple store, so was glad when: ao.com had them in stock. Their price was identical to other suppliers, and the delivery was swift...... My daughter was very happy with her present, as usual the Apple products are very superior. After using her AirPods, she tells me the quality is great, even the fact that they do actually block out any exterior noise so she can enjoy her music without any interference. She was concerned about the fit of the AirPods, as these ones have the added silicone buffer on them, and she has small internal ears, which most earbuds hurt her after a while, yet these, as she tells me, are very comfortable. There was also the point that maybe these AirPods May fall out of her ears, as they are reliant on the fact they would stay in the ear cavity (having no leads connecting to a device), yet after various “experiments”, involving jumping; dancing; running and laying down, they stayed safely within her ears..... Very good product: very happy daughter! Many thanks. One thing I would suggest, is the introduction of various colours.... I am sure this would make an expensive, yet popular product, even more appealing.

    Amazing upgrade from AirPods

    A real upgrade from the original AirPods - the new noise cancellation and transparency modes take a little getting used to if but they work a treat. Highly recommended!

    Good sound for the size

    Happy with these new earbuds. They fit my ears and have adjustable and measurable fit. Good control through iPhone

    Insulation is my thing but I didn't realise how much I needed the Transparency option too.

    I was slightly terrified to make the purchase as I'm quite fussy about sound quality and techniques of headphones but I also want to know that I'll get something good when spending this much and it's not just a current trend I'm giving in to. To explain a bit, I really love the Marshall brand too as it does sit well with a lot of rock sounds and I think they look cool, however their Marshall Minor 2 in-ear bluetooth earphones just didn't cut it for me in sound quality and I went back to my apple "wired" EarPods. I was considering the original AirPods, but if I'm honest, thought they just looked a bit silly for me and figured that they would fall out my ears a lot like the EarPods do. You can however buy silicon covers, which do help, but the sound quality becomes a lot deeper and not always in a good way. I also need insulation in sound. When the AirPods Pro came out, what grabbed my attention was the insulation. I love not hearing the outside as I get public transport a lot and I don't want to hear anything other than what I'm listening to. I must say, the sound quality on these are so clean. I actually find the transparency option a bit of a bonus as I wasn't too fussed about that, but I actually use it a lot when just sitting doing work, it's helpful to hear my surroundings and I didn't realise I needed that part of it. It works absolutely fine with my iPhone 7 and I've had no issues. I can go between my MacBook Air and iPhone fairly simply. Phone calls are effortless and clear for the other listener too. I can also see, quite easily how much battery is left of my AirPods Pro, on my phone. They have never fallen or made any attempts to fall out my ear. The case does seem a bit big in my pocket, but it's not a major issue as I'd actually like to know where they are because the only thing I'm scared about is that they could be easily stolen if I'm not keeping an eye on where they are. Overall, I'm happy I bought these. I think they are actually better in sound quality than some Beats, Marshall and Bose headphones I paid a bit more for previously. These are clean in sound and quality for adaption between movies, music and podcasts. Again, for someone who loves insulation, the transparency option is genius. It works so well! Really pleased.