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    Customer Reviews - Samsung NA75J3030AS 75cm Gas Hob - Stainless Steel

    Customer Reviews - Samsung NA75J3030AS 75cm Gas Hob - Stainless Steel

    Samsung NA75J3030AS 75cm Gas Hob - Stainless Steel
    • 5 burners — Gives you lots of room to cook
    • Triple Crown Wok Burner — Quickly heats up the pan
    • Endless Rail Grate — Easily slides pans across the hob
    • Wok Grate — A stand to keep your stir fries stable
    • Dimensions (cm) - H9.8 x W75 x D51 - Learn more
    4.9 / 5

    Works fine, a pain to clean, buy another one unless you use a wok a lot.

    We've had this three months now so feel I can write a meaningful review (at least better than "it looks nice in my kitchen"). The hob installed after the installers increased the size of the cut-out in our worktop (from a 4 burner hob) very slightly. Although I'd checked carefully that the tiled area on the wall behind where the hob would reach was big enough, I was slightly worried when I realised that there was a switch on the wall which was close to the "hot zone". In the end it was just OK, but it's worth checking all this carefully if changing a hob. When we chose this hob, we thought we were being clever choosing one with the wok burner to the side. We thought this would mean that the other burners would be less obstructed. True, but only when you use the wok burner. The rest of the time, the space around the 4 main burners is smaller on this type of hob than it would be on one where the wok burner is central. So...unless you cook with athe wok burner all the time, you're better off getting another hob. The burners light easily and everything feels decent quality. Like every other hob we've tried, it's difficult to turn down the burners low enough for a low simmer sometimes. On "low" these burners seem more powerful than our old hob. We resort to turning past "max" towards "off" where it's possible to get a very low flame, but only by making minute adjustments and hoping you don't go too far and the flame goes out. The safety cut out at least means that this is safe to do on this hob. Truth be told, we didn't want a stainless steel hob, but since fashion dictates that there are no 5 burner white enamelled ones, we had no choice. Cleaning is predictably a pain in the wotsit compared to an enamelled hob. Samsung are no help saying only not to use caustic cleaners. The stainless part is actually not too bad (Ecover kitchen spray with a microfibre (+ another to dry) seems to handle it) without needing specialist cleaners. The burners and caps are another matter. The shiny burners are already looking worse for wear after bit of burnt on pasta water. And the shinyness goes dull if you leave them too long in normal (Ecover) washing up liquid and water. The caps and the cast stands have burnt on marks as well, but these are less obvious on the dark grey. HOT TIP: get the serial number from the hob, before it's fitted. It's underneath (smart thinking by Samsung). The manual says it's needed to register the warrranty. I had fun and games over multiple emails and phone calls with Samsung trying to find anyone who could understand this basic issue and provide a solution (even after ao stepped in and provided details to Samsung).

    amazing hob

    looks really smart in my kitchen - all the hobs are amazing - gives good amount of fire - cooks well and to top it all very sleek looking - the only downfall id say is the black (forgot what its called) rack things are quite heavy and hard to clean - but overall not complaining!
    Kim Ro Bi

    Looks great cooks great

    Delighted with our new job. Fits in well with new kitchen. Great service from ao.

    Excellent product

    Look great in our kitchen, easy to fit and maintain

    Excellent gas hob

    Sleek and smart. Knobs are finger friendly. Useful that the wok burner is to the side. Great product at a good price.
    Gran G


    This Hob Looks Great set into a worktop. The large wok burner to one side means the rest of the hob is usable at the same time. The wok stand is great for a traditional round, thin wok.

    Fantastic product

    Item looks good ,has equal heat across all the rings very easy cleaned

    Samsung Hob

    Nice hob for a decent amount of money. Bought this as a replacement for our existing hob than was beginning to play up