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    Customer Reviews - Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell Full HD

    Customer Reviews - Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell Full HD

    Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell Full HD - Black / White
    • Smart doorbell - see who's at the door from your phone
    • UXGA HD camera with HDR records in unbelievable detail
    • Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems
    • Watch live anywhere and anytime with night vision
    • Learns to tell the difference between people and things
    4.5 / 5

    Unfit for 90% of UK Doorbell market

    I feel Nest has not done their research for the UK market with the power requirements for this is not he norm in the UK for doorbell chimes and transformers. Nests own community site/forum has a long list of people trying to figure out how to get this to work. Most doorbells in the UK are 8V or maybe 12V but Nest requires a 16V Chime and transformer. You may be able to find a 16V chime but trying to find a 16V transformer is very hard to get hold of. Alternatively you can use a 24V transformer but then it’s near impossible to find a chime that takes 24V. So this is not a good first impression of the product.

    DIY fitting

    Having reviewed massively about fitting this to my already wired doorbell, there was no doubt that I needed a bigger transformer (most uk households only have an 8v transformer) so purchased a 16v one. The issue came when looking in the chime box and having 4 wires numbered 0 to 3. Nest at this point recommends getting a Nest Pro fitter. But after a little research on the internet found a wiring diagram and took the plunge. All fitted and works well, have the subscription IMO is a must as you can set the area to which catches movement so you don’t get notifications every time someone walks past your front door. Quality of video day and night is great, would have liked to adjust the microphone like I can on my outdoor camera so it doesn’t pick up every single sound and give me a notification. Otherwise happy

    Fully featured video doorbell.

    I love this doorbell. It gives me a sense of security, and convenience through automatic recording of different events and facial recognition announcements over Google Home. Alerts on the phone work well. Would have had five stars but there have been a couple of issues with WiFi connectivity and installation wasn't straight forward, but overall I'm very pleased.
    Nicholas Gemesi

    Hopefully will perform well for years to come

    The doorbell itself is a nice product, it was relatively easy to link to the network however, quite complicated to install: In all honesty it do not believe this to be a novice DIY job as it requires to mess up with electric wires. We had our doorbell installed by a local Nest pro who was absolutely fantastic using the mother of all drills and running mains around the walls. Apart from my firm believe this is not a DIY installation, we do not have a chime, which is optional with this device. When someone rings the bell we receive push notifications in our mobiles plus an audible chime and verbal announcement coming from the google speakers, so in reality a traditional chime is redundant if you are on board with all these gadgets. The camera lens has a wide angle and is of excellent image quality. It has not been sending messages or alarms with passing traffic!... I am so happy. Surprisingly, the Nest pro was able to install the doorbell without any further angle brackets not included in the kit. Strange as I tend to be unlucky... Finally, it may take sometime to get used to the doorbell as it will most definitely protrude from any wall and it should be installed at a relatively low level in comparison to a conventional doorbell "button". So from an aesthetic point of view it is different from any other doorbells with or without camera.

    Good product but installation not as stated

    The doobell works well, but the installation instructions refer to using the nest app via google home. The procedure had changed to use the google home app directly. One this was overcome it worked OK. The other thing to bear in mind is you need a power supply if you don't have a doorbell and chime already.

    Fantastic doorbell

    This is probably the best video doorbell you can buy today! Pros - Best audio/video quality in a doorbell - Quick notifications - Integration with Google devices - Great app and you can also access the cam via the website - Wide angle - Great dynamic range on camera (can see darkest shadows and brightest sky with no issues) - Pre-set responses in the app so you don't have to speak to whoever is at the door Pros With Nest Aware subscription - Facial recognition - Setup zones to actively get notifications for motion only in a certain zone Cons - Setting up in the UK can be a bit of a pain as you may have to buy a transformer for your current doorbell - Wiring is required; you may need to get an electrician to fit which is an additional cost. However, if you are good at DIY then there are many YouTube videos to help with fitting the doorbell (this is the option I chose). - Subscription service a little more expensive than others

    Nest doorbell

    We received our nest doorbell was delivered early witch is always great when waiting for a new toy. Packaging was great everything laid out well and the product quality is flawless my only downside to this product was the user manual saying we required a transformer to take it from 240v to 12v-16v i had to search youtube to find out what was required to fit the product once this was done the door bell has been great and the app is perfect. I would definitely recommend this product.

    Great product

    Really well made and solid. Needs professional fitting but as is then wired needs no maintenance. Great picture solid build.
    Alistair M