Customer Reviews — Panasonic NN-SD25HSBPQ 23 Litre Microwave - Black

Customer Reviews — Panasonic NN-SD25HSBPQ 23 Litre Microwave - Black

Panasonic NN-SD25HSBPQ 23 Litre Microwave - Black
  • 23 litre capacity - great for small households
  • Automatic programmes take the guesswork out of cooking
  • Special function thaws food quickly and hygienically
  • Lockable control panel for safety
  • Minute minder alerts you when your food is ready
4.8 / 5

Great quality microwave

Bought this for my elderly mother who wanted quality and simplicity of operation to replace her old Panasonic microwave (which finally gave up the ghost after 34 years - yes I saw the receipt from 1986!!!). This new one is easy to use and good quality. Does what it says on the tin. Would recommend this to anyone.
Andy c

Great product 1 one a all issue

Does everything you expect and is far quiter than I expected. 1 small issue that you can not select an 800w power setting. This woud be useful as most product have this power rating in instructions Would purchase again
Stevenage Andy

Nearly all good.

Seems to work fine, as you would expect. My only gripe is that the display is set back from the aperture that it's viewed through. This means that, unless you're directly in front of it, the edges of the display are not visible. This is only a problem if the unit is, for example, tucked in a corner and you can't stand in front of it. This wasn't a problem with our old Neff, which was actually manufactured for them by Panasonic!


Does exactly what you want. Very quiet in use and easy to set up. I am looking forwar to using this more and more. I would recommend this product to every one specially with delivery include.
Richard Mortimer

Quiet and powerful microwave

I bought this microwave to replace a Bosch one which had such a poor painted interior that it rusted through in two years- never again. This Panasonic is a lot quieter, and at 1kw, more powerful. It has six power levels, auto programmes, manual power timer and much more. The interior paintwork is described as 'ceramic' and looks more durable than the Bosch white paint was. I'm very pleased with it after a couple of weeks use and would recommend it.


I purchased this microwave after reading some of the reviews.i was just expecting a normal microwave but this one is far superior to all the ones I have used in the past. It’s very powerful and very easy to use it has some very clever features to help you. I have been very impressed with it and I would definitely recommend it. Hope this review helps potential buyers.

Excellent service

Ordered the microwave (which I am extremely happy with) and the delivery was fast and the notifications about where it was and what time it would be arriving were great. Would certainly purchase from Ao again. As I have said I am really happy with the microwave and have used it a lot very easy to work and very efficient.
Pamela Mort

Good functioning microwave

Well built and attractive microwave with a clear and easy instrument panel.