Customer Reviews — Samsung Prezio Compact Electric Single Oven - Black Glass

Customer Reviews — Samsung Prezio Compact Electric Single Oven - Black Glass

Samsung Prezio NQ50H5537KB Built In Compact Electric Single Oven with Microwave Function - Black Glass
  • Multifunctional oven with microwave function
  • 50 litres – compact oven for medium-sized households
  • Automatic programmes take the guesswork out of cooking
  • Steam loosens burnt on food for easy cleaning
  • Dimensions (cm) H45.4 x W59.5 x D57 – Learn more
4.2 / 5

brilliant but not the most intuitive

Great oven You may need a little time on the instructions but really a great oven

Excellent service from everyone

Really pleased with oven and live the split door! Excellent service from AO

Easy to use and functions well

Good quality oven/microwave, looks sleek and very easy to use. The microwave function heats food more quickly than our previous 1000W microwave which is great. Baking trays/racks and microwave steamer included are good quality. Easy to fit without needing to call anyone out.
Gemma T

All dancing and singing over

Does just about everything to could wish it to. Vapour addition to convection cooking great, I’m looking forward to learning all the functionality including the meat probe and Wi-Fi enabled options. Tried to have email validated for installation of app for days, bit irritating. Could have done with even a small detail or which Samsung app one should use as none of them show ovens as an option.

Happy Customer

The design is very stylish and sleek and it fits in perfectly at eye level in our kitchen. It has a number of really handy functions and a great display. Cooks food evenly. All in all a great product!

Its fab

Its one nice looking oven /- microwave really slick and looks damn good. Yeah the menus can be a bitnof a faff but tbh if you've had a multifunction microwave /oven before its pretty straight forward. Its expensive but oozes quality. Really happy with it. Cookes really well as well

New oven

The look of the oven is exactly as pictured. The instructions are a bit confusing but after a few tries I managed to get the oven function to work.

Very expensive, but a good product.

Beautiful looking product with true capabilities of a full fan oven, grill, and microwave. Size of the oven cavity is big enough to act as your regular fan oven and the microwave has all the functions you want. Plus you can use it in multiple combination modes. Oh yes, and it has a full grill. The control panel looks great - just a sheet of black glass with touch controls. However the price for that sleekness is that you often have to go through lots of button presses to get to what you want. It's not a design problem, it is just the trade-off between an uncluttered control panel, or one with lots of buttons (operating your TV doesn't require many button presses, but the remote has many dozens of buttons). The results we have experienced have been good in fan oven and microwave mode - i.e. it heats things very well! Installation is dead simple - just slide it into place and plug it in to a normal 13 amp socket. Build quality is up to the usual Samsung high level. Cost is too high of course, but it is a proper oven and a big microwave and a full grill, so it's all you need in one. We are very happy with it.
Roy P.
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