Customer Reviews — Henry Pet PET 200-11 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Customer Reviews — Henry Pet PET 200-11 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Henry Pet PET 200-11 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
  • Bagged cleaning for mess-free emptying
  • Gives great results on both hard floors and carpets
  • Dusting brush is ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces
  • Specially designed brush picks up stubborn pet hairs
  • Accessories stored on-board the vacuum for easy access
4.9 / 5

Dose not live up to the name of Henry Pet vacuum

after buying expensive vacuum cleaners in the past, I decided to see what was out there at a good price and good ratings. this lead me to order the Henry Pet, it was delivered yesterday and I put it to work this morning. Using the 190 Ecobrush that came with it, all I managed to vacuum was the hall way before I found myself having to clean the brush head and the inspection hatch underneath the brush head (without dismantling it), after that the brush head would not work. There was still good suction so no issues of blockage in the suction hose THIS HAS SO FAR TURNED OUT TO BE THE WORST VACUUM CLEANER THAT I HAVE PURCHASED

Henry Pet Hoover

Good old Henry, it is good for our pet hair. Very big and bulky but you know that’s what you are getting with a Henry! Seems to have good suction.

Hair attachment cleaning

Really effective at picking up hair, however, awkward to clean the brush as it can't be removed
Sandra Broomfield

It sucks.

Good vacuum.

Really impressive vacuum

Really good on thick carpets but does contain a lot of parts so just remember not throw out the box unless you see everything from the instruction book

Great for pet hair & general use.

I've used Henry's before & chose this one because of its performance & positive reviews. I have 4 pets in my house and it's doing a great job so far.
Helen Bidwell

Henry Pet cleaner

Great product suction is really good, light to carry and utensils good - only negative is storing in back clip a bit clumsy. But is better than old Henry and would highly recommend this vacuum
D Doyle

Very good

Hoover is very good for this prize. I am very pleased with the purchase. Thanks