Customer Reviews — Bosch Serie 4 PGP6B5B60 58cm Gas Hob - Stainless Steel

Customer Reviews — Bosch Serie 4 PGP6B5B60 58cm Gas Hob - Stainless Steel

Bosch Serie 4 PGP6B5B60 58cm Gas Hob - Stainless Steel
  • Standard 4 burner gas hob
  • Easy-to-clean enamel pan supports
  • Easy-to-use sword knob controls
  • Stylish enamel surface is easy to wipe clean
  • Dimensions (cm) - H4.5 x W58.2 x D52 - Learn more
4.4 / 5

Safety aspects good features but disappointing overall

I needed a Hob that had safety features and this was one of the options which my search flagged up. As it was a Bosch product, I decided to purchase it. The fact that the hob cannot be turned on accidentally is excellent as it is easy to brush against the knobs and without that aspect, gas would easily fill the room. The other feature of switching the gas off should the flame go out has not been witnessed as yet so I cannot comment on it, however I hope that it lives up to expectation in that aspect too. The downside of purchasing items online is that you are unable to assess the quality before hand through sight and touch. The hob was one of the first appliance that I ordered and sat in its box for several weeks before it was installed in our new kitchen towards the end of completion, therefore me using it is still very new. These were the things which I observed once I was able to and began using the hob which are very disappointing: 1. There were several scratches on the appliance. I cannot be certain if it came like that or from the handling of it once unpacked, however the fact remains that it scratches easily 2. The quality of the stainless steel is poor, the steel on the hob which it replaced was very solid. 3. The pan stands had many bumbs on them and not a smooth finish as you would expect from such a brand name. One side is worse than the other. Having contacted Bosch, I have been told that this is standard for the hobs, they way that they are finished. 4. The black paint on the pan stands has started to wear off, considering there has been minimal use, this is far from acceptable 5. The quality of the actual hobs where the flames come through are so very flimsy and as they are not fixed, falls off at the slightest contact. 6. The knobs are extremely sharp and sometimes it feels like you could cut yourself on them. They feel solid enough and I hope that it lasts. There is a knack in getting it to light. All is all, a very disappointing purchase in terms of the quality. As I said at the beginning, the flame safety aspects are the positives to this appliance for which I have given it 3 stars. The others are the flame does heat up quickly and as long as your pan/pot is level, even cooking is achieved .

Amazing Gas hob

We moved from induction to gas and what a huge relief this has been. The hob is wonderful although we have been using it just for a few weeks. Always a thumbs up for Bosch !!!
Bhargav Krishnamurthy

Great oven

Great features on this oven, very easy to install as it comes with connecting plug for the back of the oven, then plug top or hard wire to your power supply. I would have given a 5 star but the oven makes a bit more noise than I thought it would. Best oven chips I have eaten in ages and they were very chunky
Chris Warner

Brilliant Service and Products

I bought a new oven and hob. The advice I was given from AO was excellent and the whole purchase was totally stress free. I chose to have my products installed by AO and they were very competitive and did a brilliant job. Highly recommended.

Operating knobs melt

I agree it is a nice looking hob but after 2 months of use I used a frying pan on the front burner. I have had other hobs were this has been absolutely no problem, however, the two knobs nearest the front burner had started to melt when I was finished cooking. The pan was fully on the burner and not overhanging the knobs. I emailed Bosch about this and was told I must have used a pan that was too large for the size of burner, it is a standard sized frying pan. Surely the knobs on a hob must be made to withstand a reasonably high heat for this reason I can't recommend it.

Simple and well finished

Good clean finish - will look good in any kitchen. Nice controls and well built

Bosch Kitchen Appliances

Haven't used the appliances yet because the new kitchen is still being put together but can't wait to start cooking for friends and family. I have been a proud owner of Bosch appliances for many years and I'm sure that these new ones will perform as as good as they look.
A Tome

Great product

I have just switched from electric to gas and my life is changed! That aside, this hob is excellent! The burners are really far apart meaning you can get large pans on with ease and the cast iron stands are so much more expensive looking than the standard ones. Another good feature is that, even when the hob is turned off at the wall, the knobs have to be pushed in for gas to be released meaning if you accidentally knock/twist the knob, you’re safe from gas leaking. I recommend spending the extra nominal amount to upgrade from the Serie 2 to the Serie 4 for the better cast iron stands and the excellent burner placement meaning large pans fit with ease. Im very pleased!
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