Customer Reviews — Amica 58cm Induction Hob - Black

Customer Reviews — Amica 58cm Induction Hob - Black

Amica PI6544STK 58cm Induction Hob - Black
  • 4 induction zones, for safe responsive cooking
  • Hob heats your pans and not the surface to save energy
  • Easy-to-use touch controls
  • Extra boost of power will boil water in no time
  • Dimensions (cm) - H5.5 x W57.6 x D51.8 - Learn more
4.2 / 5

Outstanding hob with amazing spec

Really pleased with the hob. Had it a week now and it works brilliantly! We have switched from Gas to induction so didn't know what to expect. It is a lot faster than gas and now use it to boil water instead of the kettle because it's quicker. Our tefal pans are 14 years old and are induction ready, they have dimples on the bottom so I was worried they wouldn't work as a previous review says it can cause problems,thankfully it doesn't and they work fine. The pulsing at low temperatures is a little strange but doesn't affect the cooking at all. Love the bridge feature for a griddle we have, no cold and hot spots like on two gas burners. Controls really easy to use. This is really highly speced for the price and I won't be put off by not knowing the brand. If you are thinking of switching to induction do it! And this is well worth the money.
Lee Harrison

induction hob not detecting my pans

nice looking hob, but wouldn't work with many of my existing pans, all of which state induction. bought new set, still didn't work, but they all worked on friends induction hob. after 2 engineer visits, Amica said they often have issues with pans with the dimples on bottom, which all of mine did have.
mark douglas

Great products

By far the easiest oven and hob we have used. Takes a bit of playing about to get used to the temperature control. The self clean is easy to use and a god send to the maintenance of the oven. Would recommend this product to anyone looking to change their current ones.
Mark Tomkinson

Amazing quality and service

Very good product. Excellent service ??

Very happy customer

Thanks a lot. I'm very happy for this item to use, is easy to use and clean. All hobe you can to use different pans .Quick boiled fluids. Looks very nice in my kitchen. I recommend to all kitchen. ++++

Best value for the price

Best value for the price - it is AMICA brand, very high quality for a good price, silent and very quick and efficient way of cooking. It also looks great in the kitchen!

Powerful but...

It's very powerful. It will heat water super quickly and get pans up to temperature really quickly. The way it heats pans is weird though. On lower settings, rather than being on but at a lower power it "bursts" at full power instead. When you're cooking something with water this tends to make the water boil over, then nothing, then boil over. Rather than a consistent simmer you get that, which is annoying.

Lovely hob

Good specs and a great price. Great customer service from AO as always. Hob looks great in my new kitchen. Haven't actually had a chance to use it yet!