Customer Reviews — Bosch Serie 4 59cm Induction Hob - Black

Customer Reviews — Bosch Serie 4 59cm Induction Hob - Black

Bosch Serie 4 PUE611BF1B 59cm Induction Hob - Black
  • 4 Induction zones, for safe responsive cooking
  • Hob heats your pans and not the surface to save energy
  • Boost power when you need an intense blast of heat
  • Easy-to-use touch controls
  • Dimensions (cm) - H5.1 x W59.2 x D52.2 - Learn more
4.8 / 5

Noisy fans and alerts, fussy about pans, "off" does not mean off, deep so watch worktop thinkness

Unfortunately this is the only Bosch product we've ever regretted buying. It looks gorgeous, and is easy to clean. It heats the pans in a snippet, cools down fast, but a square frying pan which would fry sausages to the corners on our previous hob does not do so even on the largest cooking area (if all you have are round pots/pans then you won't have this problem). Now, problems: it is very noisy: the fan sometimes almost sounds like a drone is taking off in the kitchen. Whenever you use the controls it beeps, and the beeps are very loud and annoying. The same with alerts/warnings: the beeps are very loud and very annoying. And, "off" does not mean it's turned off, as in "unless I turn you on, don't do anything!". You would expect to be able to put something on top of it, but you can't. A spoon anywhere on the control area wakes it up, and it beeps loudly, and constantly. Brush the edge of a towel across it if you take something out of the oven next to it and it wakes up, with a loud beep. Heaven forbid trying to use it as an extended part of your work area when it's off, no way, but maybe from a safety point of view it's brilliant (just be aware of it before you buy it). Installation is easy, it arrived with a 13amp plug. But be aware that it's around 50mm thick and needs at least 65mm to be installed (more if you have an oven under it) so if you have a standard 40mm worktop check that you actually have space for it. As noted it's fussy about your pans, but that's a general induction hob issue, if you have aluminium ones for example they won't work, But there's a program to test your pans to see how suitable they are, which would be a good idea to do when you get the hob, or whenever you buy a new pan (in case you have to take the new pan back...)


Cannot find fault in this hob. Really easy to use. Fast. Easy to clean

Loving my new hob

I purchased the induction hob as part of my new kitchen and to say I love it is an understatement. Looks - really sleek and contemporary. Only problem is that the controls are a little difficult to see. Usual Bosch quality (I am a bit of a fan). Heats the pan really quickly and is as controllable as gas. Does 'hum' when heating up, It really is not that bad. One tip, buy ferrous proper pans to get the best out of the hob.
Happy Daze


Spent more than I wanted to but do not regret it now. After a le creuset accident broke my old hob we discussed an upgrade. WOW speed unbelievable. It boils water faster than a kettle. It is as controllable as gas, yet the glass is still not hot. Food doesn’t burn on and can be wiped away easily. No more scrubbing off spills. With this speed it should use less power over time. Really pleased
Happy husband

first time using induction hob

This is the first time I have used induction hob. It is amazing how quick heats up everything. Need to be careful as you do not need high heating to cook (like on a ceramic), so careful not to burn. It is great, the fact that food spillage on the surface does not burn! By accident spilt some milk out of a saucepan while boiling and it stayed liquid. Just a simple swipe to clean with a kitchen cloth!

Wish I'd bought sooner

Changed from gas to this induction hob, should have done so years ago. Most impressed. Took time reading the instruction booklet and all works wonderfully. Changed the safety lock to automatic as do have grandchildren visit. Is the best setting in my view as you can place things on the hob without worrying about whether it will switch on automatically. Very quiet in operation, heats pans very quickly.
Happy convert

Almost perfect

Have been wanting an induction hob for many years but the hole in the granite was too small. Finally took the plunge and had it made bigger (easier than I expected) and then chose this based on cost and reviews. Pros - super easy to clean (tho you do need to polish it to get rid of water marks); easy to control and boost feature is amazingly fast; Cons - to adjust heat it takes a full second for each notch, so to turn off from 9 you have to hold your finger on the down button for 9 seconds. If there's only the one ring on then you can just power the hob off, but if not it's tiresome; the beep when you touch a control is much louder than necessary and can't be turned down; surface is (allegedly) much more sensitive to scratches than other types of hob, which could be a future issue. I love it, hubby less so (he's the cook, I'm the one who cleans up his mess)

Outstanding goods and service

So far, so good. Really delighted with my hob. Easy to work, easy to clean. Amazing how fast food gets hot, and how fast the heat fades as you lower the heat. Superb.
Maureen Wagstaff