Customer Reviews — Bosch Serie 4 59cm Induction Hob - Black

Customer Reviews — Bosch Serie 4 59cm Induction Hob - Black

Bosch Serie 4 PUE611BF1B 59cm Induction Hob - Black
  • 4 Induction zones, for safe responsive cooking
  • Hob heats your pans and not the surface to save energy
  • Boost power when you need an intense blast of heat
  • Easy-to-use touch controls
  • Dimensions (cm) - H5.1 x W59.2 x D52.2 - Learn more
4.8 / 5

Not fit for purpose

This 4 burner hob comes with a 13A plug fitted. This means that the maximum power is 3000 watts which is really only enough power to keep only one ring on at full power, the others will need to be off or at a very reduced power. Any 4 burner hob needs to be about 7200 watts (32A) to be of use to a family where more than 2 rings are to be used at the same time. I sent it back in favour or a 32A hob.
Allan Timp.

Noisy fans and alerts, fussy about pans, "off" does not mean off, deep so watch worktop thinkness

Unfortunately this is the only Bosch product we've ever regretted buying. It looks gorgeous, and is easy to clean. It heats the pans in a snippet, cools down fast, but a square frying pan which would fry sausages to the corners on our previous hob does not do so even on the largest cooking area (if all you have are round pots/pans then you won't have this problem). Now, problems: it is very noisy: the fan sometimes almost sounds like a drone is taking off in the kitchen. Whenever you use the controls it beeps, and the beeps are very loud and annoying. The same with alerts/warnings: the beeps are very loud and very annoying. And, "off" does not mean it's turned off, as in "unless I turn you on, don't do anything!". You would expect to be able to put something on top of it, but you can't. A spoon anywhere on the control area wakes it up, and it beeps loudly, and constantly. Brush the edge of a towel across it if you take something out of the oven next to it and it wakes up, with a loud beep. Heaven forbid trying to use it as an extended part of your work area when it's off, no way, but maybe from a safety point of view it's brilliant (just be aware of it before you buy it). Installation is easy, it arrived with a 13amp plug. But be aware that it's around 50mm thick and needs at least 65mm to be installed (more if you have an oven under it) so if you have a standard 40mm worktop check that you actually have space for it. As noted it's fussy about your pans, but that's a general induction hob issue, if you have aluminium ones for example they won't work, But there's a program to test your pans to see how suitable they are, which would be a good idea to do when you get the hob, or whenever you buy a new pan (in case you have to take the new pan back...)


Outside looks are ok , practicality not very good! First thing if you using all 4 cooking zones you have to power it down hub as it has not enough voltage to do all 4 zones on maximum heat! I think this is not good especially if you have a family and have to cook a lot!! Second thing after cooking when you remove your pan or pot ,heat stains stays on the hob even after cleaning and are visible which is very annoying! Planing to return it or swap for better one!


I bought this particular hob because I thought it was an updated version of my previous hob which gave up working after seven years of excellent service. It seemed to work ok until I was cooking Sunday lunch for the first time after installation. When all four rings are in use, it takes ages to steam my veg on the large ring and boil anything on the other three. I am obviously going to have to change the way I cook. It does say in the instruction manual that if all rings are used at the same time, the power is divided between the rings. I shall be experimenting and if I can’t get it right I shall be in contact with Bosch to find out if there is a way to solve this problem. Everything cooking on the top took three times as long to cook as normal

Induction hob

For the first time in almost forty years that I have tried electric cooking devices. I bought a Bosch double oven, which I have found to be superb, and I then completed the purchase with a matching Bosch hob, which I have so far found to be OK. Very different from my old gas hob but I am still experimenting.


Easy to use and as advertised. Looks good as well.
Very Disappointed

Does the job..

Great price & looks smart... When purchasing check KW output.. Our old AEG allowed power Boost on 4 Pans... Slightly more complicated to use & slower response.. Basically good value for money, but not fantastic performance.

Fantastic hob

Great induction hob works perfectly, sleek black Design and power boost is a great function, extremely easy to install with a built in plug
D Anderson