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    Customer Reviews - Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard - Black

    Customer Reviews - Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard - Black

    Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard - Black
    • Wireless Bluetooth connection - no need for cables
    • Compatible with Windows and Mac computers
    • Control videos and music with the media keys
    • Numeric keypad - easy access to numbers
    • Programmable keys give you complete control
    3.4 / 5

    Nice, could use an improvement.

    Nice study keyboard. Nice to type on, keys feel nice and responsive. It has no legs / supports on the underneath, so it only has one level that cannot be adjusted. I had to but legs / supports elsewhere to rise it up. I also find that the caps lock key is a bit longer than usual, means you can hit that instead of “A” from time to time. Will take time to get used to the slight difference in spacing from other keyboards. Overall a decent keyboard.

    Easy but caps lock is a bummer

    Easy to connect but I'm finding the keyboard a bit tricky to use accurately - although that might be me as I'm used to smaller models. My one real criticism is there's no light or anything to tell me when Caps Lock is on.


    Initially was ok, connected to my laptop quickly but has since stopped working. Have tried all the online recommendations to fix it but nothing is working so I'm now left with a non-working Bluetooth keyboard. Feels pretty cheap, buttons are pretty clunky and not very refined. I find it uncomfortable to use. I'll be buying a better keyboard as this is very underwhelming and obviously doesn't work so it's useless. AO returns for this are pretty shocking too, the fact it doesn't work but has been used by me means I'm only entitled for a partial refund of "up to 50%" . All in all very unimpressed.
    Scott Gourlay

    First week of use has been great

    I've had this product for a week now with a Surface Pro 7, and so far it's been great: - It connected quickly to my tablet - I'm yet to have any connection issues while using it - There wasn't any need for a receiver dongle taking up a USB port - Build quality is sturdy - Comfortable to use There are three features from my previous keyboard which I'm missing with this model. None of them are huge problems, but I thought I'd mention them: - No Print Screen key for taking instant screenshots; only a Snipping key (F12) which opens up the Snipping tool for taking more elaborate screenshots. The Snipping tool is great; I'm just used to good old-fashioned Print Screen! - No caps lock light; it just shows a notification on my tablet screen when the lock is switched on and off, which I often miss - No obvious on/off switch; which came in handy for carrying around my old keyboard and laptop without accidentally typing whenever the keys got bumped. You can of course just temporarily switch off Bluetooth on your computer or shut it down while in transit, but the ability to enable/disable the keyboard with just a single flick of a switch is something I've been missing

    Nice keyboard

    Easy to set up - took about 30 seconds! Very comfortable, compact and a big improvement over my previous wired keyboard.