Customer Reviews — Sharp Standard Dishwasher - White - D Rated

Customer Reviews — Sharp Standard Dishwasher - White - D Rated

Sharp QW-NA26F39DW-EN Standard Dishwasher - White - D Rated
  • 15 place settings - great for large households
  • 8 wash programmes to choose from
  • Comes with a handy basket and drawer for cutlery
  • Motor is quiet, long lasting & energy efficient
  • Dimensions (cm) - H86 x W60 x D60
3.9 / 5


Good dishwasher - need to have top shelf on high setting to clear large plates - but is just about OK on bottom setting... good programme selection - wish it would remember the "options" between washes as usually use extra dry & tablet options... Nice an quiet on "quite mode" as well....

It’s good value

It’s a great quality and sized dishwasher only flaw is that there is a top cutlery shelf that then makes it hard to put glasses in the top rack as they catch. Also the top rack is low for the cutlery rack and therefore the spinny thing catches on plates at the bottom. But you can adjust the rack heights to accommodate this

Lovely Appliance

Lovely looking appliance and very easy to use. Love the adjustable racks to be able to put wine glasses in and also the cutlery holder ensures that every item comes out clean and not spoons stuck together.
Shirley June Clubley

Great service and machine.

Great machine quite And great cleaning.
Teresa Curran-Jackson

Very good product, there is a lot of space inside. You can also move the top drawer and I have more space for tall glasses, a very roomy dishwasher

Really good produkt, working well and lots of speaces inside.


Had to call ao after first use, machine finished cycle and all the lights on display where flashing with code F8, after looking at instuctions this was an error code meaning faulty heating element and i should contact for service, when checked inside it had'nt dryed the dishes at all, absolute joke, first go installed that day!!, customer service was going to replace, but i decided to take refund and select completly different make which i'm glad i did.

Poor after service

Had to replace water hose and door seal leaks. Have managed to manipulate but will not be using AO again as they have not even replied to 1st e mail
D mills


This is my second dishwasher. Really like the display. It feels much bigger than my previous one that only had 2 shelves.
Paige Webb
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