Customer Reviews — Sage The Oracle Touch SES990BSS Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - Stainless Steel / Chrome

Customer Reviews — Sage The Oracle Touch SES990BSS Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - Stainless Steel / Chrome

Sage The Oracle Touch SES990BSS Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - Stainless Steel / Chrome
  • 14 pre-programmed coffees at the touch of a button
  • Coffee beans are ground, dosed and tamped automatically
  • Adjust the coffee strength to make the perfect cup
  • Memory function remembers your favourite drinks
  • Swipe the touchscreen to select which coffee you'd like
5.0 / 5

Best coffee maker at home

Makes amazing coffee every time with minimal effort. It looks smart and considering I've spent years eyeing this up, I can confirm its worth it

Outstanding Coffee Machine

This was a decent upgrade from my previous beans-to-cup coffee machine and I'm very pleased I pulled the trigger. I was expecting a more involved setup but in reality, it was no more than a few button presses and coffee was flowing. Everyone in the house has been impressed by the improvement in coffee taste which is surprising as I'm still using the same beans. Pros Very easy to load coffee Front-loading water filler is fantastic The quality of milk is silky As expected the machine oozes quality Cons I spend more time keeping it clean as it is the centrepiece of my kitchen.
Mark Wildey

Real Coffee made easy

Easy to use, and makes great coffee. No more Costa or Starbucks visits for me.

Five star coffee machine

Fantastic machine

Household coffee will never be the same again

The Sage Oracle Touch is the best buy i have personally made in recent times. An addition to the household which makes each and every day much better than the previous day. Love the smell of coffee throughout the house, and the coffee will never be the same again. Just knowing the Sage Oracle Touch is there and primed, makes for a welcome return to the home with a smile.
Jack Knight

Very good!

Very good all round
Jack Burnell

Very happy

Absolutely brilliant. Vast upgrade from a premium Sage Nespresso machine and the touch screen is worth the extra. All the convenience of a super-automatic bean-to-cup machine without the hassle and uncertainty of a die-hard hobbyist setup. As someone new to the world of home espresso I wanted to achieve barista-quality coffee at home without having to grow a beard or give my wife an excuse never to make me a coffee again; I also didn't want to feel limited by the fact that this machine takes away some of the variables (e.g. dose size, tamp pressure or pre-infusion temperature) in order to simplify what is a very complex artisanal process. After a huge amount of research I pulled the trigger on this machine, and I'm very glad I did. Even though it was released a few years ago now, it is still worth every penny. The touch screen not at all gimmicky as I had suspected. The dual boiler and the temperature control all helps to keep things consistent, and as my interest in coffee grows I feel that there is plenty for me to play with if I really wanted to tamp my own coffee in the future or play with different extraction methods, without risking a disastrous shot in the small hours of the morning. It's a bit less convenient than a push-button machine and I spend more time cleaning it than I did my previous capsule machine, but that befits the investment in the machine and the quality of the coffee it produces. It makes me think more about my coffee but doesn't demand that I understand and adjust every little variable. Overall an absolutely brilliant piece of engineering, a wonderful investment in breathtaking high quality coffee and a brilliant gateway into a new hobby - if you want it to be. The closest alternative (other than the non-touch alternative) that I considered was a dual boiler machine with a separate grinder, manual tamp setup and a manual milk frother, but you would lose a great deal of convenience and neatness provided by this single integrated machine with automatic tamping and frothing for what I suggest would be only a marginal increase in control of the various variables and a much greater likelihood of pulling inconsistent shots. That might be good for a serious hobbyist or someone with professional training, but this machine is absolutely perfect for me as someone who wants to achieve consistently great coffee without needing to learn how to become a professional barista.

Top Notch

Brilliant in every way definitely get what you invest in quality professional and tastes delicious easy to use and maintain.