Customer Reviews — Electra 50cm Gas Cooker - Black - A Rated

Customer Reviews — Electra 50cm Gas Cooker - Black - A Rated

Electra SG50B 50cm Gas Cooker - Black - A Rated
  • Rated A for energy efficiency
  • Main gas oven features a handy grill setting
  • Standard 4 burner gas hob
  • Sturdy enamel pan supports are easy to clean
  • Dimensions (cm) - H90 x W50 x D60
4.7 / 5

the worst cooker we have ever owned!

After cooking with gas for over 45 years, this has to be the worst cooker we have ever owned! anything put in the oven on the lower shelf burns on the bottom whilst the top isn't cooked through properly & stuff on the top shelf still needs a lot longer to cook. At first I thought it was operator error as this was the first oven that didn't have the burner at the back& by putting the baking trays in width ways it was stopping the heat from going up the sides, but even by putting the trays in length ways leaving plenty of room on both sides for the heat to circulate it still burns the bottom of what ever you cook.
John Hare

Not good

We moved into a new house, which didn't have a cooker and since we plan to redo the layout of the house bought this as a cheap solution, since I couldn't find anything used locally. Hasn't been a great buy, if I'm honest as the oven appears to be a bit problematic as both bottom and grill burner stop intermittently quite often making cooking quite frustrating. Definitely don't recommend and I completely regret buying it.
Dimitris Torolopoulos

Constant bad odout

Apparently this happens to different makes of cookers.Theres an awful odour which comes from the oven which according to advice should go after the first couple of times of use,but Unfortunately it remains every time I use the oven accompanied by a slight smoking which gets into your eyes and throat.The knobs get extremely hot when the oven is on. Also it gets very very hot.
S Mannion

Bad cooker

If you put 2 items in the bottom burns the top undercooks the repair guy said They have had loads of problems with these cookers he had one got rid of it cheap is not always cheerful

Just no !

Terrible oven. Sent it back the next day.silly small oven and does not cook properly

Not worthy

Poor quality and not working properly. The height adjustment was really difficult.


Consistently burns and undercooks food at the same time, can't cook cakes in it as they just do not cook evenly at all... very disappointed with this product and even though I have had for less than 2 years I will have to replace with a better quality product!

great looks not so great at cooking

I was very disappointed with the performance of this cooker. It burns everything at the bottom while leaving food raw in the middle.