Customer Reviews — Bosch Serie 6 Standard Dishwasher - Stainless Steel - C Rated

Customer Reviews — Bosch Serie 6 Standard Dishwasher - Stainless Steel - C Rated

Bosch Serie 6 SMS6EDI02G Wifi Connected Standard Dishwasher - Stainless Steel - C Rated
  • 13 place settings - great for medium-sized households
  • SpeedPerfect+ cuts the wash time in half
  • Control from your smartphone with the Home Connect app
  • Door pops open and leftover heat is used to dry dishes
  • Dimensions (cm) - H84.5 x W60 x D60
4.9 / 5

Good dishwasher

Expensive but looks great and cleans dishes and glasses leaving a nice sparkle. Easy to install and very quiet, only had it a few weeks and haven’t tested it on stubborn stains but so far so good. Gave it a 4 star as for some reason it’s now disconnected from my mobile, although not a feature I’d really use, but it was novel to look up time remaining! Handy to be able to remove top shelf if needed.

Brilliant product

This dishwasher is brilliant. We have an open plan area and it is so quiet you have to listen for it to hear it. The clean is excellent and the racks are all great with foldable sections to so you use the space as needed. The app is a little pointless and gimicky for me but doesn’t detract from a great machine.

Quick and Easy - Job done!

Good quality dishwasher. Much lighter than our Miele, which we scrapped after just 4 years, having had constant issues with. Good looking, high quality appliance - if you are in the market for a good dishwasher, this is a serious option.
Mr Scully

Kitchen wizardry

This dishwasher is fabulous! We had a series4 model that decided after 8 years of use daily (sometimes more) that it had had enough. Once again I researched dishwashers and Bosch was always my choice not only due to the wear and tear they take but the fabulously clean pots, pans and plates that come out of them. This version is very much improved, more space for plates, the handy cutlery basket, also improved by not being fixed in place, but with the addition of a top rack for bigger kitchen utensils with a slider to make way for taller items underneath. The control panel is situated at the top of the door and the programmes it offers are far superior to any other in my opinion. It is extremely easy to set up and very easy to select which programme suits your washing needs. It has a door open function to aid drying the dishes once it's finished which it does automatically and also serves as a reminder that its ready to be emptied! The stainless steel (inox) is beautiful and gives an additonal appeal to choosing this amazing machine. 10 out of 10 all round with the addition of it being virtually silent while working hard!
Sam C

Brilliant dishwasher - quiet and quick.

This appliance is very quiet when operating. I really like the shallow top tray for knives and small items. I also like the Express cycle which takes only 65 minutes for all my crockery and pans to be gleaming clean .
Lynne Delaney

Great modern Dishwasher - they seem to have thought of everything!

Have had Bosch appliances in the past and have always been impressed with their longevity and availability of parts if something does go wrong, so we didn't look any further when we decided our old 18-year-old model was due for an upgrade. The stainless steel finish looks very modern and stylish alongside our other appliances and there are a lot of different programmes and add-on features, making it flexible for every size and type of load you can think of. It is much quieter than our previous model and we haven't had to use the 'silence' mode yet because it is so quiet! The cycle times do seem a bit longer than our old machine but there are settings to speed it up slightly ('speed perfect' seems to reduce the average 'auto' wash time from 2h 45 to 2h 15) and it's not a problem as long as you remember to put it on in plenty of time before you'll need the pots and pans! It's probably worth the extra time to get a better and more efficient and quieter clean, even at the lower temperatures. The adjustable shelves are great for accommodating even large dishes and the top drawer is useful for utensils, which we previously had to balance on top of other cups & glasses, so I think it gets them cleaner. I was worried about our taller wine glasses and pint glasses until I realised you can slide a section of the top shelf over. They really have thought of everything! I'm yet to use the baking sheet spray head but it looks like a really useful feature that will save me hours of scrubbing at the sink. I also like having the separate cutlery basket, as I know other models have a cutlery shelf on the top drawer, but I prefer the basket because it's easier for loading and unloading if you have a lot of cutlery. Being able to switch it on remotely via the app or Home Assistant is a bit of a gimmick because you obviously need to be there to put the tablet in and close the door and there is already a built-in "starts in" timer feature, so you can set it for when you want it to start, but the app is useful for changing the water hardness and rinse aid settings, seeing where the wash is in the cycle and letting you know when the programme has finished. I also have to admit to enjoying saying "Hey, Google, start the dishwasher" and watching it spur into action!

Great buy!

So quiet and great results
Alan Ruddam

Brill dishwasher

Quiet, efficient and stylish, connects flawlessly to the app and has a the space you need, love it
A. Dyer
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