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Customer Reviews — Smeg Concert 60cm Dual Fuel Cooker - Black - A/A Rated

Customer Reviews — Smeg Concert 60cm Dual Fuel Cooker - Black - A/A Rated

Smeg Concert SUK62MBL8 60cm Dual Fuel Cooker - Black - A/A Rated - Needs 5.4KW Electrical Connection
  • Rated A for energy efficiency
  • Main fan oven cooks food evenly on every shelf
  • Set the oven to turn off when your food is ready
  • Grease-proof enamel coating makes oven cleaning easy
  • Dimensions (cm) - H90 x W60 x D60
4.4 / 5

Great cooker with even better service

Very impressed with this dual fuel cooker. Cooks lovely and is very easy to maintain. The black oven looks very stylish in our white kitchen.

DO NOT BUY THIS - SO many faults and bad design. So bad I'm having to replace it.

The worst purchase I ever made. This lasted 5 .5 years and I now have to replace it. My Smeg cooker was very expensive, it is priced at a good bit over £1000, so I expected it to be very well designed and well made. It is, however, shockingly badly designed and not well made at all. Here is a list of problems caused by Smeg’s astoundingly bad design. 1. It has a double oven, with the grill also in the smaller top oven. If using the grill to cook anything that takes longer than a very slightly browned slice of toast, the cooker knobs get so incredibly hot that you cannot touch them, they will instantly take your skin off. 2. The grill has two settings, you can put on the full width of the grill or put on three quarters of the width of it. That’s it, the two settings. No temperature settings for the grill at all. You can’t adjust the heat, not even just low, medium and high settings, you can choose between full on high heat or off. That’s it. How absurd is that? 3. The upper oven came with one oven shelf and a grill pan, the lower, much bigger, fan oven came with one oven shelf and a grill pan. There is no grill in the lower oven, so a grill pan is utterly useless in there, but a second shelf is essential in a full sized oven and three shelves would be even better but you only get one shelf and that absolutely pointless second grill pan. It makes no sense at all. 4. It is a dual fuel cooker, so the ovens are electric and the hob is gas. The rings around the gas burners appear to be made of aluminium and come with instructions to not use anything abrasive on them when cleaning. However, anything that splashes onto them when cooking immediately burns onto them and you can soak them as long as you want but you will not get stuff off them unless you use something abrasive and even that will struggle to get cooked on stuff off. They are on an cooker hob, so they get splashed on pretty much every time the hob is used. They certainly did not bother to test cleaning cooked on stuff off those rings. 5. I had the cooker 13 months when a screw just fell out of the oven door but I can’t put it back in because the screw hole is on the under side of the door, just 3 inches above floor level, where I can’t see and no screw driver will fit. The door is now loose at one side of the bottom. 6. About 3 months later, a rubber grommet dropped to the floor, I assume from the same place the screw goes in but, due to the position, I can’t look to see, so that is just a guess. 7. After 14 months of use, one of the lines on the digital clock stopped working, so it can be hard to make out the time on it. E.G. 9.00 looks the same as 3.00. Annoying since I use that clock often to set the oven timer. 8. Now 3.5 years old, last week the clock decided to stop working, which means the lower, larger oven stopped working too, since the large oven only works if the clock is on and set, though it may have been that power was not getting to both the clock and the oven. I tapped the clock a few times and it all came back on, so I got the oven working again, but that is clearly something that is going to stop working completely at some point in the not too distant future and will need replaced or repaired or my larger oven will cease to function along with the clock. 9. The oven dials are very, very vague, so you can’t set the temperature at all precisely. The ovens have just the same knob as the hob burners, no finely spaced markings, no fine pointer, so you can only set it at roughly, more or less, vaguely the oven temperature you require. Well done Smeg. Obviously none of you ever bakes. 10. Within a week of getting it, the lower oven just stopped working. Apparently there was a common problem with that model; a wire was positioned touching an area that gets very hot, so the wire melted. At least that one was fixed free within the first 12 months. Just as well I had selected the double oven version of the cooker, so at least I could still use the smaller, non-fan, upper oven in the meantime. 11. Despite having a fan oven and being very expensive, the fan oven does not heat evenly, things sometimes remain under cooked at one side while burning on the other. It is not convenient to have to turn things mid cooking and some more delicate bakes must not have the oven door opened mid cook. So, well done again, Smeg. 12. The main oven door handle has broken at the left side; a plastic part of the handle on the inside just snapped, causing the door layers (two layers of glass with metal frame between them to pull apart and open up, so that is a very expensive door now needed 13. The hob dials’ position diagrams have rubbed off, despite me never using anything abrasive on it, just a cloth with soapy water. The diagrams are just printed onto plastic, so not at all hardy 14. The steel band across the front, with the Smeg brand name on it, has fallen off, and was apparently held on by double sided sticky tape 15. The clock has now stopped working entirely, so the lower oven will no longer switch on, as the clock has to be on and set or the lower, fan oven will not work. The clock is incredibly expensive to replace, over a hundred pounds plus the cost of an engineer to install it. 16. I am now going to have to give up on this cooker and replace it. I certainly won’t be replacing it with another by Smeg. When buying an expensive make like Smeg I expected quality in both product and design but I got neither. I don’t actually see how the design could be worse. Cheap cookers are far better designed than this. Unlike Smeg’s fridges and gas fires, the cooker is not designed to have their beautiful retro look, so it isn’t even explainable as a case of form over function. It is just shockingly bad design that was obviously only tested very briefly and certainly not by anyone actually using it to cook. SMEG should be ashamed of themselves. I have been totally ripped off with this

still getting to know new cooker

Love the new cooker, the quality and the way it looks. However, at present the fan oven doesn't seem to reach the temperature it is registering which is disappointing so I will seek advice from supplier.

Best Cooker Ever!!!

I did a lot of research on this product, some people mentioned puddles of water as result of condensation. I won't say I haven't experienced it as I have on the 5th use however the puddle was the size of a tea bag and it was Sunday roast day and it had been in use for 3 hrs none stop ( large family lol). The preheat is amazingly super fast and we have clearly noticed the difference in end result. Taste, odour, time and fuel usage. I love it, even though cleaning is a arrgghh.

quite good purchase

purchased this cooker a few months ago and chose this because i just love smeg products, it looks good and is very stylish but as for cleaning I've had a bit of trouble with the silver coloured rings and black caps around the hob burners i just couldn't find a cleaner to remove the black marks i purchased stronger and stronger products none of which would remove these, eventually in frustration i purchased something a lot stronger and ruined these parts so please be careful if you purchase this cooker


Great applience and would recommend it to anyone. Runs like A dream and well built.

Looks good, hob fab, oven and grill ok

Choose this one because it is only one of a handful of dual fuel cookers that don't have a lid over the gas hob. Gas hob is fab although the supplied wok stand and small pan stand tarnish easily, and will not clean. Main oven takes a while to heat up and cooking times are longer probably because it isn't that easy to set the dial accurately to a specific temperature. Main oven only works if you set the time on the clock which is a bit annoying if you switch it off at the wall. Main oven fan remains on for a while even after it is has been switched off to help cool it down quicker, we tend to switch it off at the wall to prevent it consuming anymore power after cooking. Grill only has half or full settings i.e. no temperature setting which means it can be a little fierce even on half setting. Can’t comment on oven cleaning yet, but hob cleans easily with stainless steel cleaner.

Excellent buy

We replaced the old cooker with a black SMEG concert free standing cooker because it has the right width, double oven and cast iron plates (for the burners). Even we are a small family, it is nice to have a nice roast where you can cook all your dishes at once. The price seems a bit more expensive than other cooker, however in my opinion it is worth it. Its sleek and smart look adds a touch to our kitchen. So far so good, we are very impressed with the purchase. The instructions for the clock was slightly ambiguous, but eventually we managed to work it out. Also, I would suggest to clean the ovens and all trays with a dump cloth before using them as some metallic dust (from factory) was left. The stainless steel at the top is very good quality so I am hoping that with use it will not deteriorate / leave stains as it usually happens with other appliances.
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