Customer Reviews — Tower T17022 Air Fryer - Black

Customer Reviews — Tower T17022 Air Fryer - Black

Tower T17022 Air Fryer - Black
  • 3.2kg food capacity
  • Set the timer for perfectly cooked food
  • Fries ingredients using hot air, for healthier cooking
  • Easily adjust the temperature to suit your meal
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty for peace of mind
4.8 / 5

Note: NOT dishwasher safe

I chose this air fryer over others because it said components were dishwasher safe. Having received it, the instruction booklet says DO NOT place any parts in the dishwasher.

An affordable product now - worth buying

Packaging was badly damaged and there was a little damage to the actual product but not enough to affect it working. A phone call to customer services orted it out in no time and without any problem. A partial refund was credited to my account within 30 minutes. The product itself is excellent. So easy to use. Heats up very quickly and gives excellent results. I've cooked chicken, baked potatoes, sausage rolls, calamari, onion rings fish and chips and all have tasted delicious. It is so easy to clean too compared to deep fat fryers of years ago. Highly recommended as the price of air fryers are so much more affordable now.

Faulty Tower Air Fryer

Had previously had another Tower Air Fryer which we were happy with. When this stopped working after a number of years we were happy to buy another Tower product. Unfortunately the new item was faulty and we had to exchange for a different make.

Clean fast oil free air fryer

First air fryer & I love it. Makes great jacket potatoes, chips, vegan grills, cheeze toasties & the best sausages ever. So easy to clean, just wipe out with kitchen paper. No mess or kitchen full of smelly fat any more. Best tip: totally dry food before cooking & shake basket to turn at regular intervals. Can’t say anything bad about it & would’ve given 5 stars but I don’t have experience of any other to compare ??
Gillian Philip

The future is Air (Fryer)

This is my first air fryer, having found the need to try and eat a bit healthier the older I have gotten, and I must admit - its been really great. So many recipe styles to chose from, and so many uses for the air fryer, even baking a cake, who would've thought??? Chicken comes out so juicy and tasty, and so does fish - both fresh and frozen. Chips are great too, can be crunchy if times right - it all takes some getting used to so don't worry if the first attempt isn't as perfect as you would like. Cleaning up is easy too - I don't have a dishwasher so i wash up by hand. So far so good - no scratches and no scrapes. But please don't use a metal sponge. Only thing I would have liked to see, especially for the cost, would have been a digital timer. Having said that, am already used to this and for a first air fryer, i am very very happy!!!

Great product.

Great for cooking chicken, pork, etc. But not the best for cooking chips as you have to keep shaking them and they are not that great. But haven't tried frozen chips yet though! Overall very happy with it. Loads of recipes online to use for inspiration.
Jason Mc

Surprisingly versatile

This fries very well, but it also roasted a three pound beef topside superbly, It allowed me room for a hunk of fat to melt over the roast keeping it moist, I was delighted with the outcome.
Charles Collins

Capacity an issue but great chips

We were surprised to find that although it is a 4.3l capacity Air Fryer, the recommended maximum quantities of food to be cooked on the reference table is only 600g. Aside from that, we have only used it a few times but have had some great healthy crispy chips and some lovely peppered chicken. It is simple to use and very easy to clean. A welcome addition to our kitchen appliances.
Tricia P