Customer Reviews — NEFF N50 59cm Induction Hob - Black

Customer Reviews — NEFF N50 59cm Induction Hob - Black

NEFF N50 T36FB40X0 59cm Induction Hob - Black
  • 4 induction zones, for safe responsive cooking
  • Lockable control panel for safety
  • Easy-to-use touch controls
  • Set the timer for perfectly cooked food
  • Dimensions (cm) - H5.1 x W59.2 x D52.2 - Learn more
4.8 / 5

NEFFer imagined it would be this good

Looks wise this hob is stunning, the markings are very discreet and the front bevelled edge gives a more finished look than some other hobs on the market. The controls are easy to use when you get the hang of them. Performance of this hob is every bit as impressive as it's looks. It's fairly quiet and pans heat very quickly. The boost feature, only available when no other cooking zones are being used, is incredible. I have hard wired the hob which is the best option for peak performance. However, it can be connected using a 13 amp plug IF the appropriate change is made in settings mode. I thoroughly recommend and thus far have failed to identify and shortcomings.
Steve D

Very good product

Very good product highly recommended, Easy to use and very quiet and quick!!!

neff n30

once you get to know how it works it makes live a lot easier.A pleasure to cook
R Coleman

Replacement for my broken headphones b

I dropped a glass on my fitted Neff hob and cracked it. I was very happy with my 12 year old model so I was looking for one the same. This model has a timer which is a new feature which is very useful. It reaches temperature quickly and has a fast boil option though it does not appear to have a " keep warm " setting which was a feature in my old model.
Nan Ash

Very quick and controllable.

We had a gas hob before but this induction hob beats it as it boils water very very quickly and is very controllable for simmering etc. We are very pleased with our purchase as with this model, more `rings` or hot zones can be used at once as it has to be connected to a 32 amp connection and not a 13 amp plug! which limits the number of pans on the hob that can be used at once!
J W (Surrey)


Such a good product. So fast I can’t believe it. AO were fantastic too with a change in delivery address.

Neff induction hob

First time I have used an induction hob and would not go back to gas. Very quick heating time even without using the boost function. Very controllable. Just use a magnet to check if your existing pans can be used, otherwise can be an expensive changeover. A pity that the controls are not backlit as can be a little hard to see at night.
John H


I decided to swap my old hob for an induction hob. I really pleased I did as it far superior than my old one. I particularly like the fact that I can use the boost setting and it boils water in an instant. Also,I like the fact that there is an immediate response in the temperature when using the touch controls. It has taken me a little while to get used to the instant response but now I am used to it I find it much better. I do have a complaint regarding the instruction manual. I find it difficult to understand how to change the basic settings. I’m fairly conversant with IT stuff but I still can’t quite fathom out what I see on the hob and what the manual says I should see.
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