Customer Reviews — NEFF N30 59cm Induction Hob - Black

Customer Reviews — NEFF N30 59cm Induction Hob - Black

NEFF N30 T36FB41X0G 59cm Induction Hob - Black
  • 4 induction zones, for safe responsive cooking
  • Hob heats your pans and not the surface to save energy
  • Boost power when you need an intense blast of heat
  • Easy-to-use touch controls
  • Dimensions (cm) - H5.1 x W59.2 x D52.2 - Learn more
4.9 / 5

Not what I expected

There's a fair bit of misinformation across these reviews concerning this Hob where running it off a 13 amp plug is concerned Firstly, If you run it on a standard 13amp plug socket you can only use two rings max. I.E. One at 8 which is enough to boil something, the second at 4 which will get it luke warm / or 6 + 6 and both pans warm but certainly not boiling. You cant run 3 i.e. 4+4+4 So those reviews that are saying running it on a 13amp plug is possible and doesn't affect performance then I have to ask what exactly are you cooking??? Basically they must be using just one ring all there lives! The second issue, having then bit the bullet and got an electrician to put in a 32amp circuit in so I could use all four rings at once, as soon as you turn on the third ring the hob sounds like a ticking bomb (silent with two) with some relay somewhere going clank clank every 3 seconds. Seriously, it drives me crazy even when I'm next door in the Livingroom. And its not my pans they are top of the range stainless steel. Page 19 of the manual refers to this Rhythmical ticking on 3 rings or more, so 'its working as intended' So, if you plan to use one ring only all your life and want to make it look you know what you are doing with a four ring hob then its a great buy. But if like me you elevate your cooking to the dizzy heights of 3 rings or more, then ensure you have a 32 amp feed for it and buy a pair of ear defenders Oh, and just to clarify a couple others snipets people have posted on. You can turn off the beeping via accessing the basic settings page 15 + 16. Here you can also check your pans for suitability and set manually your power input if 13, 20 or 32amp. And lastly, yes you can turn off a ring without cycling thru it, press and hold the button for 3 seconds Personally, as I've now had the extra expense of putting in a 32 amp circuit I wished I had bought better
Andy S

Can only actively power two rings at a time

When using more than 2 rings at a time, it only actually uses 2 at any one time, switching which 2 are on every couple of seconds. You can visibly see when cooking that it can't sustain a consistent temperature on any ring. Couldn't see any mention of this when buying the product, would have opted for something else had I known. It's very good when using only 1 or 2 rings as this switching doesn't happen.


A bit disappointing. I probably should have spent a bit more. This hob looks good and heats up quickly. However it makes a strange buzzing sound if two rings are on at a high heat at the same time. I find the controls a bit awkward as the etching is faint so hard to see. You also have to tap your way (while it bleeps at you) to the heat setting you want. No quick way to turn one ring off, again have to tap your way down to zero to do that. Still haven't figured out how the lock feature works, it doesn't seem to do anything. If it hadn't been for Covid I would have shopped around in showrooms to find one I liked. As it is I just went on price and the good reviews this had.

Not powerful enough

When the electrician unpacked this hob on arrival, he found it was 3KW power with a 13 amp plug, and in his experience customers using appliances with that power rating found that they could not use all 4 rings at once, they could only use 2 generally. He did not connect or test the hob to prove this, but has dealt with such issues a few times before and as I'd been unaware of these issues, I thought to write it up. I phoned AO to explain, and they were very helpful and allowed me to swap it for a different model with the required 7 - 7.5 Kw power rating. On the AO website you can check the power rating by clicking on the Installation button when looking at the item.
Nel G

its great, BUT NOISY

Everything is great about this hob, apart from one thing - it is noisy. Saying this i mean really noisy, when cooling fan starts, and that happens if you have 1 heater running above 7, or 2 heaters at any setting. This annoying noise can be heard even from another room.


The item was delivered on time, good communication with ao, hob is amazing, so glad I got the induction hob, safer for grandkids and at fab price.
J cooke

Far better than gas

I've used induction hobs for years and on moving house couldn't wait to replace the gas hob with an induction one. My first choice was unsuitable as the the kitchen doesn't have a 30 amp circuit. I was forced to reorder a plug in type and settled on the Neff. It doesn't have quite the "oomph" of a more powerful type but it does the job and is far better than a gas hob. I've noticed that when you select power boost mode on one of the "rings" the others do struggle a bit to maintain the selected power level. Also some of the pans that worked on my old induction hob do not work on this one. Overall though very happy with my purchase.
Anthony Edwards

Neff induction hob first thoughts

Works well but no rings so hard to place pant in correct location . New to induction tech pan cools down instantly unlike halogen and gas so a little time to adjust cooking style req
Francis bancroft