Customer Reviews — NEFF N50 Built In Electric Double Oven - Stainless Steel - A/B Rated

Customer Reviews — NEFF N50 Built In Electric Double Oven - Stainless Steel - A/B Rated

NEFF N50 U1ACI5HN0B Built In Electric Double Oven - Stainless Steel - A/B Rated
  • Main oven gives you lots of different ways to cook
  • Second electric oven has a handy grill setting
  • Meat probe ensures meals are cooked to perfection
  • Special liners absorb grease to make cleaning easier
  • Dimensions (cm) H88.8 x W59.4 x D55 – Learn more
4.6 / 5


Sorry to say my new Neff is not as friendly as the older version we bought some 15 years or so ago. Everything about the ovens feels a lot more flimsy. Our particular dislike is the inside of the small top oven. No handle for when using the grill, the way the grill fits in the pan is awkward and with the little curled up bits at the rear of the shelf not needed. I am on my 3rd Neff which I have always loved. We have spent a lot of money and this will have to last us a good few years.

Old for new?

I loved my old Neff fan oven. Sadly at 17 years old it cooked its last dinner. I have taken delivery of a Neff CircoTherm built-in double oven. It is a bit noisier and I would have preferred for all the shelves to be on telescopic runners in the main oven like my old one. The shelves are a bit of a loose fit. For me, it is a different way of cooking and will take a lot of trial and error. I have rung Neff with a few queries concerning temperatures and shelf position but although very polite they could only say, trial and error. I asked for dates and places of appliance/cookery demonstrations but the nearest was in Scotland! I live in South Wales! I’m using an oven thermometer because the oven is not quite up to temperature when the light goes out, it usually takes about another 10 minutes. My first cake sank and roasted potatoes were not crisp. I’m finding out for myself how to cook things because the instructions that come with oven are too vague. Cook a Victoria sponge at 150-170deg is not helpful. I hope I’ll get used to it but it hasn’t been an easy start.
Old Neff fan.

Replacement for older NEFF double oven

Had to replace existing NEFF oven after 14 years, a couple of points to mention about oven - surprised it only comes with 2 shelves in main oven (previous had 3) and no grill pan, just universal dish which is not great in the grill. Was told that we were lucky to get this much with it. Looking on NEFF website shelves and grill pan can be purchased but disappointed this is not made clear when purchasing. On positive oven does cook well and happy with functionality - as others have said though timer alarm is very quiet and fan run on time comes set to 'long' which is a very long time (initially thought fan was just running all the time!) but this can be reduced on settings. Pleased with oven but disappointed at NEFF for lack of accessories (shelves/grill pan) not longer included in price - having not purchased an oven for a number of years is this just common with all manufactures now?
Harry B


Looks great in our kitchen. So may choices of cooking methods will take a while to try all. So far going well but a little noisier than previous oven.
J Glass

Great Gear

Great Gear !
Mike Stringer

Great cooking results

A very good oven and grill Easy logical controls Excellent results I wish the timer beeps were louder

Great oven!

Have owned Neff ovens in past, new home means new oven! Loving all the features on this and its so quiet, quick to heat up and easy to use. Almost too many cooking options to choose from, but working my way through them and all are brilliant. Perfect!

No Regrets

So far I am really impressed with both aesthetics and performance of my new oven. My old NEFF was over 20 years old. I did extensive research before buying this one and so far no regrets. It heats up quickly and cooks evenly. I am unlikely to use the meat probe as tend to cook majority of my joints in the slow cooker.
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