Customer Reviews — Tefal VC145140 Steamer - Stainless Steel

Customer Reviews — Tefal VC145140 Steamer - Stainless Steel

Tefal VC145140 Steamer - Stainless Steel
  • 2 compartments for steaming meat and vegetables
  • Set the steamer to turn off when your food is ready
  • 900 Watt power output
  • Automatically switches off when not in use
  • Dishwasher safe components are easy to clean
4.8 / 5

Best ever steamer

Excellent product. Have had many steamers over the years . This is the best quality , performance ever ! Highly recommend


So many steamers, didn't know which one to choose. So glad I chose this one. Lots of cooking room and steams to perfection. Easy to use and keep clean. Win, win.
Claire Truro

Life saver !!

I'm reviewing this on behalf of my wife. She's had a steamer for a few years now, it was bought for her by her Mum. When the steamer packed up last week, it hit hard, one because it left her without one, and two, because it was from her Mum, and her Mum died last year, so its hurting her to throw it away, although she is keeping the steel containers lol, they are clogging up the drawer, but I dare'nt suggest throwing them out. Anyway, this steamer has gone a long way in cheering her up, it's amazing she said. So there you go, my review inna nutshell. Now go and buy one, what are ya waiting for ? ??
LFC Pete

Thumbs up for Tefal

I’ve been wanting to buy this tefal steamer for a while now, so when I saw this on and the price it was selling at, I snapped at the chance! The steamer itself is absolutely great, the size is perfect for my family of 5 and with 2 tiers, you can’t go wrong. The steamer is very quiet ( a lot quieter than the previous ones I’ve had in the past). The stainless steel steaming baskets are fabulous; way better than the plastic ones you see on the market and it looks stunning. I guess if I was to be really picky, the only thing I’m not 100% sure is the slider than opens n closes to let the water in....I’m worried the water will so leak when pouring water in (this has been an issue for me with previous steamers I’ve had, not tefal) I would be Tefal’s number 1 fan if in the further, they can evolve this product and make the base stainless steel too, but I guess that would most definitely boost the price right up.

Fast delivery

Good quality and fast delivery, very happy with the product! Thank you ao

Great steamer

Really happy with this steamer. It’s easy to use and can fit everything well. Would recommend!
Rosie A

Excellent gadget

So much better than the last one i had, as the baskets are steel not plastic which split and were expensive to replace. This one is excellent. Steam holes are quite big so maybe not suitable for petit peas or sweet corn, but everything else is wonderful texture when cooked.
The bat

Stylish and a great steamer

I bought this because my old steamer was on its way out, so glad I did. Very sleek and stylish. Stainless steel baskets so much nicer than plastic. Cooks rice to perfection (never steamed rice before) and the vegetables are cooked to perfection. Small in stature but big on style. The only downside for me is the manual timer, I would have preferred a digital timer but that's not taking away from it it's just my preference. All in all I would highly recommend this steamer.