Customer Reviews — Bosch Serie 4 8Kg Washing Machine - White - C Rated

Customer Reviews — Bosch Serie 4 8Kg Washing Machine - White - C Rated

Bosch Serie 4 WAN28281GB 8Kg Washing Machine with 1400 rpm - White - C Rated
  • 8kg drum capacity - great for medium-sized households
  • Speedy 15 minute quick wash programme
  • Special allergy setting, great for sensitive skin
  • Gets a full load perfectly clean in just an hour
  • Dimensions (cm) - H84.8 x W59.8 x D55
4.8 / 5

Washing machine

Only 2programmes I use regularly, both only take 4kg wash. For an 8kg wash, the programme takes over 3hrs 30mins to complete, which is time consuming for a busy household.

Disappointing spin performance

I love how quiet this machine is. It has a good selection of programmes and thankfully you can shorten the time of the wash cycle on most of them. However, I am really disappointed with the spin performance as 99% of the time I need to spin the load twice prior to putting in the tumble drier, hense the 3 star rating. Also the soap drawer is very flimsy, not the quality I would expect from a Bosch!

All the functions I need

It washes well and seems like a great machine. The cotton cycle is more than 3 hours which seems long to me! Most settings have a "speed perfect" option, which is helpful if you are in a hurry, but take note that this makes it less energy efficient and is only suitable for 5kg loads. We bought this to replace a similar Bosch machine, which lasted 7 years with very heavy use, but probably would have lasted longer if we'd read the manual and taken care not to overload the machine. This washing machine has all the features I need, including a timer and a child lock. Wonderful.

Perfect machine

My last washing machine was over 20 years old - whirlpool, which my partner has repaired / replaced a few parts over the years. When it stopped working it was a struggle to get parts for it anymore, so we decided to replace it. We went for Bosch make due to its good reputation and known to be long lasting, We have had the machine for 1 week now, so far so good, most wash cycles are very quiet, very handy to have quick wash option (one of the reasons we picked this model). Clothes not soaking wet or heavily creased once wash has finished. Good quality machine and easy to operate. Perfect, wish we had purchased it sooner.

Long wash cycles

I'm a Bosch fan and my previous machine had served me very well for 20 years, but I was a little bit disappointed with this one. It has a flashy bulky door, that for me opens the wrong side (opens against the room door and away from the sink). The Easy Care cycle takes 2 and a half hours and the Eco-cycle 3 and a half. The programme selector knob doesn't click firmly into position (so I found I'd selected a long Rinse programme instead of a short Spin). My grumbles may be a matter of getting used to a new machine (e.g. I may stick to the Mixed Load programme - 1 hour).

Replacement for 11yr old Bosch

We bought this Bosch to replace an 11yr old model that finally gave up the ghost and wasn’t cost effective to repair. I spent a lot of time reading reviews and looking for a machine that had most of the settings I used on the last one and this one ended up ticking all the boxes for us. So far I am very pleased with the cleaning quality and unless it’s a very large load it’s happy to do a mixed load on a shorter cycle time that the last machine. No particular fancy gadgets but easy to use and work out how to change temp settings without having to read the manual cover to cover first. Over all very pleased so far.

Ok Bosch

This was a replacement of a previous BOSCH model which we'd had 7 years and been happy with. It is an OK machine but not as good as the previous model. It is 8kg drum, the same as the old one but many of the modes on the machine have a reduced capacity of only 4kg!! Poor! The door is very sensitive too so if clothes touch the seal at all it will not start. On the positive it has a better dial/display system for changing wash settings and the door has a flat glass panel preventing the dust build up on the door which I like. Over all I was disappointed it wasn't as good as the old one but it is a reasonable machine.


WE are very happy with our new wash machine. Good capacity, VERY silent and the 1400 spin speed leads to a much drier exit from the drum. Smalls get stuck to the drum but that is a minor observation due to the quick spin speed.
Bob Bennett