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    Customer Reviews - Bosch Series 6 i-Dos™ WAU28PH9GB 9Kg Washing Machine with 1400 rpm - White - C Rated

    Customer Reviews - Bosch Series 6 i-Dos™ WAU28PH9GB 9Kg Washing Machine with 1400 rpm - White - C Rated

    Bosch Series 6 i-Dos™ WAU28PH9GB 9Kg Washing Machine with 1400 rpm - White - C Rated
    • 9kg drum capacity - great for medium-sized households
    • Automatically dispenses the ideal amount of detergent
    • Gets a full load perfectly clean in just an hour
    • Control from your smartphone with the Home Connect app
    • Dimensions (cm) - H84.5 x W59.8 x D59
    4.8 / 5

    Great features

    The machine washes items really well. Good range of cycles and an array of options to customise each wash. I-Dos helps to reduce the amount of detergent and softener wasted. The Wi-Fi feature is particularly helpful, as I can see the length of time left on the wash and receive notifications when it is finished. Would recommend this product.
    KA - London

    Perfect washer for busy family life

    Very good machine well worth the extra cost over the series 4 especially the I Dos system once adjusted to your water hardness fill and forget untill refill. Perfect no more manually over or under dosing,clothes smells better and feels cleaner.

    iDos not great after 2 years use

    iDos not great after 2 years. Clothes coming out smelling ditry due to detergent and softner dispenser being clogged. Needs regular cleaning that results in losing detergent unless you can sync up both compartments being low. Unfortunatley can't fully not use dispenser as even with drum tabs you'd still need softener to come from dispenser. Also getting much more mould than previous regular machines (also Bosch). Pros: looks good and easy to use. Overall would not reccomend iDos and will be replacing with a regular machine.

    Bish, Bash, Bosch!

    Tl;dr this washing machine is fantastic, I never imagined an appliance would be interesting enough to leave a review for but this has blown all of my expectations of a washing machine out of the water - I'd highly recommend this to anyone! Onto the meaty review: After experiencing Home Connect on another Bosch appliance, I started eyeing up the 600mm gap in my kitchen which was filled with a small, slow, inefficient Bush unit and wondered what Bosch had to offer. Dropping 10dB from an ancient appliance doesn't sound like much of a difference but oh my...! Prior to the Bosch, everyone in the house would know when the washing machine started but now it's possible to have conversations in the kitchen while the Bosch whirs away quietly in the background. Anything short of its fasted 1400RPM spin is essentially silent and even when it does start to stir, it's not rattling around the room or putting out an ear splitting racket. 10/10 for volume. iDOS & Home Connect are the main features which attracted me to this particular model. Both are fantastic but Home Connect isn't as perfect as it is on my Dishwasher. iDOS is such a genius invention! Bunging 1L of detergent into the draw and having a notification once it needs topping up (I've not used up my first fill yet) is nothing short of amazing! Based on the sound of the dosing motor it varies how much detergent it needs based on the weight and type of load (mind blowing), if it needs a bit more then it adds a bit more but I get the feeling it's a lot smarter than me filling a cup to a little grey line. 10/10 for iDOS. The Home Connect feature is bitter sweet for me, it's wonderful and I wouldn't call it a deal breaker but I'm sad that it has an "Orange" safety level in the Home Connect app :-( That basically boils down to it needing to be turned on, filled, door closed & the remote start button activated. If I could just turn it on from anywhere everything would be perfect but Bosch's engineers don't agree that it's a safe enough product to enable that functionality. 8/10 for Home Connect. Cosmetically this is a pretty product, the interface is sensible, plumbing it up was a breeze for a confident DIY'er (online tutorials can help out if you're unsure) and the instructions for first-use were straightforward to follow. All in all, it took about an hour to get it fully unpacked, have the instructions read, stickers removed, plumbed in and ready to be turned on. The first step was the drum clean programme - which took just over 1 hour to finish up; then I was ready for some clothes. Everything feels and smells great when it comes out, the spin is highly effective at removing excess water and the awesome sensors, water tech, material sensing, etc. just add some unexpected magic to a task as mundane as loading clothes into a huge spinny drum. 11/10 for this washing machine, for the reduction in volume alone this washing machine deserves an award but other than that, every feature adds up to make this feel like an amazingly well refined bit of kit.
    Marcus N.

    Nice machine, useful features and cleans well

    Really nice machine, easy to use and the liquid dosing works well. Cleans well and the drum is lit so that it is easy to see that everything has been removed. Wifi functions work really well to notify of completion.

    Bosch series 6 idos

    Very good machine and reasonably quiet. I like the idos feature so only the machine requires topping up when needed.
    Ian hooper

    Bish Bash Bosch

    Paid a little bit more and you can tell. I-dos is a great idea and works well even in our cold garage. I even like the little light inside. I'm glad I bought this washing machine and so should you.
    Ian Whitworth

    Excellent product

    Our first ever bosch Washing machine and it's the best one we ever had! I have never seen my clothes so clean.