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    Customer Reviews — Beko 8Kg / 5Kg Washer Dryer - Graphite - A Rated

    Customer Reviews — Beko 8Kg / 5Kg Washer Dryer - Graphite - A Rated

    Beko WDEY854P44QG 8Kg / 5Kg Washer Dryer with 1400 rpm - Graphite - A Rated
    • 8kg wash & 5kg dry load - great for medium households
    • Speedy 28 minute quick wash programme
    • Sensors work out the perfect drying time
    • Can be controlled from a smartphone over WiFi
    • Dimensions (cm) - H84 x W60 x D59
    4.6 / 5

    Nice machine. Time will tell if the cheaper price was worth it.

    This is the first washer/dryer that I've ever used. So far it has been great. Its very quiet for most of its wash cycle and the number of washing and drying programmes is fantastic. The only thing that annoyed me was the instruction manual. Instead of helping us understand how to use the machine it left us more confused. It was easier to just figure it all out ourselves. Its a nice machine and £300 cheaper than other models that have the same programmes. Only time will tell if it's worth the cheaper price.

    Stylish looking product very useful features

    This washing machine is great it looks really nice and also leaves my clothes clean and fresh smelling.They don’t take long to dry at all when removed from the machine.I am able to do a quick wash which is really good as I am very busy with work and don’t want to wait for washing long.The dryer works very well I usually dry towels in winter when it is too cold to put outside.The display is very clear and easy to look at a glance to tell you how long left it beeps to let you know when wash is done.I haven’t tried with the app yet but I am very interested to find out what options are available.The washing machine is stylish and good quality with useful features it is not too noisy and spins well to dry clothing faster. One negative is that water does collect a little bit in the rubber seal after wash but this can be managed by giving it a quick wipe .Overall I find it very easy to use.

    Nice and quiet machine. All seems to work perfectly.

    Good service and product seems spot on so far. Thanks!

    Beko is a name I continue to trust

    Firstly the installation: As with any normal washing machine, removing the rear transport bolts, putting a hose on and pushing out the overflow was simple, apart from the bolts were very very stiff and needed a good socket set (which I have) to remove, and then pry out the plastic with a lot of force. Setting the level is as expected, on a very uneven floor. This was like any other machine, and telling me about a piece of Styrofoam underneath with a note attached to tape, making it easy to lift one end up and remove was welcomed. Ease of use: The instructions leave a lot to be desired. There is a lot of repeated text which seems unecessary, but overall I managed to follow it. After you get to know the symbols it is fairly straightforward, just that initial question you have over everything that's a pain for the first 30 minutes, until it becomes normal. (I've never had a washer dryer combo so it was all new). I was surprised by the lack of in-between settings, for instance, the spin setting goes from 1400,1200,800,600. Not sure why they missed 1000 out. This is what I used to use on my last Beko, to keep the noise and vibrations down. However, on this machine I found that I could have it on 1400 and not worry about an unbalanced load throwing the machine around and it being really noisy. In fact the motor doesn't make any sound at all. The only sound you get is rotational noise and the sound of water splashing around. It's like when you hear an electric car.... very surprisingly quiet. The functions: I found these to be a little limited, but not to the point where I would worry about it. For instance, there is no "Dark colours" setting which I used on my last machine for 8 years. I found that "synthetics" or just "Wash and Dry 5kg" was pretty much the same, except for the drying. There is a Home Whiz app which you can put on your phone and use Blutooth to tell the washing machine what to do, and even download extra wash programs. I downloaded "Towels" and "Lingerie" but found you can only download one at a time, you cannot store them in the machine's memory. You could then select this from the dial or the phone. I found the app a little bit of a novelty to be honest and will likely never use again, since it's so many more steps and buttons to press than just walking up to the machine and turning a dial. I'm also a little concerned about the whole account set up and data that it shares... why does it need to know my location? Very dubious. The drying: This exceeded my expectations, since others have said machine drying isn't that great. I have so far washed sheets, towels, lots of clothes and tried out the various drying cycles, of which there are around 5. You can either set a timer between 30 /60 mins and 90 mins or press the button for hanger dry and hanger dry Plus. I have only had to set it to a max of 60 mins to get a full load dry, including towels, which normally take all day to dry even in a hot sun. And not only are they dry, they are very soft, as if I put lots of fabric conditioner in. They even smell nicer than ever, probably because the bacteria has been steamed away. This is a happy side effect of using steam to dry. I would warn to take stuff out of the machine as soon as it's done though, because leaving sheets in there for a while made them go very wrinkly, and I put back in for another 30 mins to get that out as it wasn't good. It's handy having a beeping sound like an alarm on a mobile, to let you know the machine is done. Summary: On the whole, very impressed, and the looks of this machine is very classy, even against much more expensive machines. The smoked glass door is very nice and glossy, however is a dust magnet, so be sure to clean with a microfibre cloth.

    Quieter than old machine

    Bought this for my nephew. He seems to be impressed with its performance so far & says it is much quieter than his old machine which makes it perfect for a first floor flat. He likes the ability to set the machine using his iPhone app too!


    I love it the look and design of product Only snag is waher dryer not quite the same as a trumble on it own

    Very happy customer!

    This is an amazing washer dryer! I put a wash on as soon as I got it, the instructions aren’t brilliant BUT it’s easy to work out (if I can do it then anyone can!) My washing smelled fantastic when it came out (my old washer used to leave a funny smell), and the dryer is just the best! I honestly was able to take the clothes out and put them on a hanger straight away, I’ve never been able to do that before. I’ve only had the machine a week and I’ve washed towels, bedding, darks and whites - all with absolutely no problems. I do with this one as I did with my last too, I clean the inside of the door and the seals (I have dogs). There’s nothing that I don’t like about this machine and the guys that delivered it were friendly, even lifting it into my kitchen for me. I will 100% buy again from AO. Superb service, fantastic washer/dryer. Very happy customer!


    Fantastic machine. Clothes come out completely dry unlike my last washer dryer that left them steamy and damp, easy to use and you can pick the spin speed on each setting unlike my last. Quick cycles and clothes smell fresh every time. Cannot fault it at all. Looks great in the kitchen