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    Customer Reviews - Beko WTL72051W 7kg Washing Machine with 1200 rpm - White - D Rated

    Customer Reviews - Beko WTL72051W 7kg Washing Machine with 1200 rpm - White - D Rated

    Beko WTL72051W 7kg Washing Machine with 1200 rpm - White - D Rated
    • 7kg drum capacity - great for medium-sized households
    • Fast laundry days – washes a full load in 28 minutes
    • Wool programme takes care of jumpers and scarves
    • Special programme protects cuffs and collars
    • Dimensions (cm) - H84.5 x W60 x D49
    4.6 / 5

    Annoying, temperamental and not really fit for purpose

    I've never been motivated to write a review before but I feel I'm performing a bit of a community service by writing this one. In my humble opinion this is an awful, horrible machine. I've given it one star because it actually washes your clothes. But. 1) Both my previous washing machines had short wash programmes of about an hour, which I used all the time (doesn't everyone?) Not this one. Your choice is either 2 hours (a waste of energy and unnecessary unless you work on a building site) or 30 mins. 2) The temperature is fixed for each programme (and at 30 degs for the 30 minute wash cycle). I really wanted to be able to change it so that I can do a short wash at 60 degs and I did double check the spec before I bought it, so I'm not quite sure what happened there. 3) Oh the ENDLESS two-note siren whining of the pre-spin cycle! (This morning it went on for at least 15 minutes before the final spin.) 'It's trying to balance the load,' said the engineer. 'Just fill it three-quarters full and it'll be fine.' Well I do and it hasn't made any difference. (Its little hissy fits seem to be completely random. And it seems so sensitive that I'm on tenterhooks every time I use it in case it breaks down leaving me with a machine load of water and washing stuck inside - which I actually find rather stressful.) Plus I live on my own and don't have that much washing so it's not always practical to have to load it up like that. I wouldn't buy this machine again.


    Bought this appliance new only 7 months ago, today there was a strong smell of burning and smoke coming out of the drum following the quick programme 30 degree wash. Extremely dangerous. Will never buy any Beko products again. Warning - please do not leave appliances unattended when doing a wash - I dread to think what would have happened if I hadn’t been in and noticed it straightaway.

    Absolute Garbage ????? Do not buy

    I First ordered my new washing machine on 1/11/22 and got it delivered on the 5/11/22. I also paid extra for my delivery and recycling of the old machine. First problems I've noticed with my machine is the 60° cotton program. The machine has a fault with the motor. It struggles to turn the drum fully and makes a weird noise. I also got this on video. Also it doesn't comple the program, so you have to put the clothing on a quick wash to rinse out the residue. Just wasting time and money on energy. I have also had the same issues on the quick 30 wash. When I've contacted AO regarding the issue I've had, they haven't been helpful. I have contacted Beko to book a repair but they only come out week days. Not helpful when I work during the week and can't get time off until my next holiday, which is in may. A long wait for a repair. This machine has also got a direct drive motor but it isn't that quite. No good if you live in the flat like myself. Don't waste money on AO insurance cover either. It's not worth it. My advice, do not buy this machine. Spend over £400 and a get a decent one. Don't recommend buying from AO either. Also if AO is reading this, either offer me a different machine or a full refund & reimbursement.

    Do not buy .

    Brought this washing machine for my mum everything went strait forward with delivery but when we turned the washing machines on there was water gushing out of the washing machine door . We called Ao to complain about the washing machine and we got a new one delivered the next day . Then we turned the new washing machine on and it had no power and wasn’t working . We have demanded for a refund but the company wasn’t very helpful and passing us on to others we didn’t get an apology or anything. Waiting for an engineer to come and take a look at it before I get are refund. Just a lot of stress and upset to be honest. I wound not recommend their washing machine’s .
    Sera Williams

    Garbage Beko Customer Care

    Would give this 0 stars if I could. Bought this a little under 2 weeks ago, drum inside machine misaligned, resulting in burnt rubber smell to clothes and black rubber bits in laundry. Beko customer service were atrocious and did not honour the 30 purchase guarantee. wanted to mess about with a 'repair' appointment rather than issue a refund or offer a swap on what was clearly a faulty manufacture issue of a maligned drum. I ended up asking my local council to take the machine away. Last Beko I will ever buy and waste my money on. AO tried their best, great and kind as usual, but Beko are a disgrace.
    Lisa Worrall

    Quite disappointed

    This washing machine was a replacement for an old one which was excellent in it’s day. I am so disappointed in this one as each wash cycle takes absolutely ages. It is impossible to do several washes a day as 2-3 hours appears to be the norm. I shall continue with it as there is no alternative. It claims to be eco friendly but I don’t understand how.
    Elizabeth Towner

    The right decision.

    Due to health problems I had to bring the washing machine from the shed to the kitchen,I chose Beko as most of my white products are Beko it had to be a smaller machine because of the space so I went for a 7kg instead of my 10 kg in the shed, I got family to help me plumb it in and it fits lovely, it does a lot of programs even cleans the drum , I thought it may be noisy but it wasn’t ,it holds plenty of washing does an amazing job even has a cold wash even that’s good, really happy I got the machine and very happy with the results I’ve had. Would highly recommend.
    Carol King

    Great shallow washing machine

    Great shallow washing machine. I needed a washing machine to fit in a relatively shallow cupboard. This one was the perfect size but still had a decent drum size. It is also pretty quiet. Can't fault it for the money.