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Customer Reviews — Samsung ecobubble™ 8Kg Washing Machine - Graphite - A+++ Rated

Customer Reviews — Samsung ecobubble™ 8Kg Washing Machine - Graphite - A+++ Rated

Samsung ecobubble™ WW80J5555FC 8Kg Washing Machine with 1400 rpm - Graphite - A+++ Rated
Save £30
Was £369
  • 8kg drum capacity - great for medium-sized households
  • Bubble Soak loosens tough stains for thorough cleaning
  • Speedy 15 minute quick wash programme
  • Eco-friendly cleaning cycle removes residue & build-up
  • Dimensions (cm) - H85 x W60 x D55
4.9 / 5

Fantastic washing machine!

I knew this would be a great product as Samsung is a trusted brand but it does so much more than expected. First of all, the drum is 8kg, it's a fantastic size for a family of five with a large door to make it easy to get washing in and out. It has many cycles and functions, including all different types of fabrics, extra soak, easy iron and the best feature- a timer! The timer is amazing for setting the machine to finish at a later time, I can go out all day and know my washing isn't going to be sitting in the drum. Usually I set it to a time when I know I am arriving home and then I can hang it straight up to dry, The machine itself is quiet, it has lights that go around the cycle knob - I love this feature as it makes it clear to see which cycle I am choosing, it also has a digital display which tells you how long is left of the cycle. The washing machine has a child lock feature which is fantastic as my youngest likes to fiddle with buttons! I am very pleased with this washing machine, it took a couple of days to get the hang of but that would be the same with any washing machine. The manual is very clear and easy to use as well if you do need a reminder of the functions and cycles.

Great product from a trusted brand

The unit arrived well packaged. It was easy to unpack and find all of the relevant instructions, paperwork and accessories (in the drum). The washing machine was very dusty and needed a wipe with a cloth, but it was well protected from the elements and from bumps and knocks. The washing machine is very easy to install, requiring only power, cold water feed and the drain hose to be connected. Simple enough to fit for most people. The transportation bolts that hold the drum steady take a bit of effort to remove and I would recommend using a socket or ratchet spanner, rather than the supplied spanner, if you have one available. It just makes it a bit easier. The bolts and rubber bungs take a lot of effort to pull out, so you may need to be a little forceful with them. In the short time I've had the machine it has performed faultlessly. I've put many loads through it now on various different cycles and had no problems at all. The instruction book is comprehensive, well written and should be all you need in order to get the most from the machine. It feels like it's built well, which I something I usually expect from Samsung appliances, and I'm not disappointed. One feature I like, but some people might not, are the jolly little tunes that get played when you turn it on/off and at the end of a programme. It makes the appliance seem a little more "friendly". It has a good selection of programmes to cater for all washing needs, and the handy bubblesoak feature for stubborn stains, which I haven't needed to use yet. It hasn't got the highest load capacity on the market, nor has it got the highest spin speed, but I don't feel as though I'm missing out on anything here. It has satisfactorily washed jeans, bedding (king size, full set), towels and mixed washes. The noise is very low, I can barely hear it with the kitchen door shut

Great Product

Everything you would expect from a Samsung product. Must be good, the wife is quiet... :-)

Chuffed to bits

Not really a big fan of washing machines but the old one was 22 years old and the whole house would shake when it was gong full pelt, so with the time to upgrade, come and gone, enter the Samsung Ecobubble. Have always hated white appliances, so the graphite finish was a bonus. First test was a very simple load of bedding, just to see how noisy this thing was, which surprisingly, from the living room, until the final spin cycle, you wouldn't even know it was running, even then a full pelt, it was no where near as ear splitting as the old machine. You could even have a conversation, with someone in the kitchen. Also the rest of the house didn't vibrate. The finish is great, it looks very smart, it's a pleasure to use and about as simple as it could be. Came as a big shock to mum when she noticed it in the kitchen, as she was out when it arrived and didn't know I had bought it. Absolutely cuffed all round and the peace and quite in the house, is immeasurable.

A good looking machine from a reliable brand

Although I did not have to install this washing machine myself, it took the delivery men less than 15 mins to get it attached to the cold water inlet and set it up ready for me to go. It is sturdy and well build, doesn't feel or look cheap and plasticy as some machines do. It looks smart and I love the colour, even though the rest of my kitchen is white, it fits in well and looks expensive. There are lots of settings, but this doesn't make it overwhelmingly complicated as all the settings are labelled and easy to reset. I love the setting where you can make the cycle end at a later stage in the day, this means the wet washing doesn't sit in the machine for hours whilst you are at work, therefore getting creased and difficult to iron. It has a child lock and if you don't like the sing song sounds it makes, you can turn these off, but personally, I love them. The other great thing is there is an emergency drain, which is simple to get to and perfect if there is a power cut as you can get the washing out. You can also download a smart phone app which helps with troubleshooting but as this looks like a tough, hardworking machine, I don't anticipate any problems anytime soon. The spin cycle is fairly quiet and overall I would recommend this to family and friends.

Nice looking machine but very noisy.

Previously I have always bought the same make of washing machine but after my previous machine had broken down I thought I would try a different make. This machine is a good looking machine but I am not at all happy with some of the wash programmes. The quick wash does not spin the clothes enough. I then have to select a spin programme so in effect this is not a “quick” wash. Very disappointed with this machine. Would not recommend it.


Fab product all round. Easy to install, operating instructions useful and very impressed so far. Very quiet when running and live the easy to read dials and display

Samsung ecobubble review

I absolutely love our Samsung washing machine which we have now owned for about 5 months. First of all the delivery drivers were brilliant and rang me when they were round the corner. Once unwrapped it was very easy to install and is really nice looking and blends well in our kitchen (all our appliances are grey) Once all fitted I couldn't wait to use it. The instructions are easy to understand and I found it easy to work out. We mostly use daily wash which is 1.02 hours which goes pretty fast. We have also used the ecobubble mode where it adds bubbles into the wash to help get out stubborn stains it add 30 mins to your wash but I am pretty pleased all stains I would usually struggle with have been removed with ease. I have also used the delay timer which we had on our old machine but never worked out. It was very simple to understand and I could put the wash on when I leave for work put the delay timer for how many hours I would be out then by the time I get home the wash will have just finished so your washing isn't sitting wet in your machine all day. I also love the self cleaning drawer as with my old washer I was cleaning the drawer out at least once a week where the leftover powder would stick but this one is great and still looks new. We also have a dog and find it great that any dog hair caught in the wash collects at the front under the door and makes it so easy to remove. The thing I love the most thou is the song it plays at the end of the wash lasts for about 30 seconds but I never get tired of hearing it. Overall I am really pleased with this machine and would definetly buy another one again.