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Customer Reviews — Samsung ecobubble™ 8Kg Washing Machine - Graphite - A+++ Rated

Customer Reviews — Samsung ecobubble™ 8Kg Washing Machine - Graphite - A+++ Rated

Samsung ecobubble™ WW80J5555FC 8Kg Washing Machine with 1400 rpm - Graphite - A+++ Rated
Save £30
Was £369
  • 8kg drum capacity - great for medium-sized households
  • Bubble Soak loosens tough stains for thorough cleaning
  • Speedy 15 minute quick wash programme
  • Eco-friendly cleaning cycle removes residue & build-up
  • Dimensions (cm) - H85 x W60 x D55
4.9 / 5

Damaged on Delivery - Door Rattling

After this was delivered we noticed two scratches on the door and body of machine which are the exact height of my oven door. It’s a tight space my kitchen but when paying for installation this really isn’t acceptable on a brand new purchase. First time I used the 1400 spin the door is rattling and won’t stop until you physically push against it. Making strange noises when on high spin too. Really disappointed with this purchase and will be contacting to return this after the bank holiday.

Poor Washing Machine, Poor Customer Service

I purchased this Samsung washing machine and received it on 20-Oct-17, the drum was rattling badly so I reported this to Samsung who arranged to have an engineer visit on 16 and 22-May-18, they replaced the shock absorbers and door seal and advised that if the problem reoccurred the machine would need to be replaced. The problem has returned so I contacted Samsung who promised me engineer visits on 26-Jun-18 and 02-Jul-18 to do an assessment, no one turned up on either occasion and Samsung are uncooperative blaming their subcontractor while I am left with a faulty machine.

Should be supplied with earplugs

BE AWARE Great washing machine ... but only if installed on a solid concrete floor. DO NOT install on a suspended wooden floor as it will bounce all over the place and rattle and bang deafeningly! There is no information telling you this until you have bought the thing as it’s in the installation manual and Samsung will do nothing about it after the event!

Expected better product

To loud during spinning no difference between cheapest products . Bubbles doesn’t work properly after 1h washing still stains on clothes

Good looking but too sensitive and unpredictable model

I have this washing mashine for a week and I am disappointed with many things. I wanted simple washer with good features, I tried to avoid smart washer cause for me it is unneccesery option. This is why I chose this product of Samsung. The product looks good, has a few dents, but they are not visible from the front. It is quiet and water draining seems to be on a good level. The mashine itself has terrible timing visualisation though, I never know when washing will finishe and if it will. It is caused by just brilliant protection from damaging. It will not start spining if laundry inset is too havy/not havy enough for the programm or if it is not layerd properly.. whatever that means. It is quite frustrating. Programms are long I did not even use bubble option beacuse 4h of washing looks simply scarry....

Nice looking machine but very noisy.

Previously I have always bought the same make of washing machine but after my previous machine had broken down I thought I would try a different make. This machine is a good looking machine but I am not at all happy with some of the wash programmes. The quick wash does not spin the clothes enough. I then have to select a spin programme so in effect this is not a “quick” wash. Very disappointed with this machine. Would not recommend it.

A little noisy

Looks great and washes well but makes quite a lot of humming noise. Bought with 5 year warranty but so far no instructions on how to set this up.

Bit too high tech for me

Bought this machine after 36 years and two Zanussi machines later. I found out that I cannot wash single items as the sensors in the machine may not pick up the weight hence the item will come out water logged; and that was my first experience which did not make me happy. The engineer was called out and he further explained this to me. Lots of programmes, which are very long. The wash is great and the spin also, just ensure there is more than one item. Would I buy again - no. Saying this, the price was reasonable. I just need a machine that does the work without all 'the singing and dancing technology',