Customer Reviews — Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Google Assistant - 3.8" Screen - Grey

Customer Reviews — Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Google Assistant - 3.8" Screen - Grey

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Google Assistant - 3.8" Screen - Grey
  • Voice-controlled WiFi speaker for your home
  • Google Assistant - ask questions, set reminders & more
  • Play music from popular streaming services
  • Control other smart devices in your home
  • Built-in nightlight gives your space a gentle glow
4.8 / 5

Very good smart clock for the price

Very good smart clock. Has alarm. Decent sound for a small room or average bedroom. Google assistant is also very useful to control lights around the house or setup alarm. Very good build quality and clear numbers. Also this clock shows outside temperature. For the price - it will be difficult to beat.


Easy to use

Good addition to my home and very useful

I had difficulty linking the clock onto my wifi network to begin with as it did not show up on the google home app. I switched the clock off then later tried again and it linked up with no problems. I find the the clock does not register my voice unless I speak directly at it; ie if I am lying in bed it does not respond to my commands, whether it is because I am not speaking loudly enough I am not sure. Otherwise it dims the display in the dark and sets alarms, plays music/radio and I am pleased with it. I need to learn the best commands to use to avoid confusing the google app in the clock :)

It tells the time

I hate the ticking of clocks and any lighting in the bedroom, this makes no noise and you can turn the display off. Google assistant works better than the google hub and minis.
Denzil Wilson

Small, compact and well built. Brilliant clock.

Brilliant little device, just looks like an ordinary clock but with Google assistant brings it upto date. Easy read display of clock and temperature and you can even set the alarm by your voice. It also has built-in sound effect such as rain, ocean, streams and much more. It also has a led nightlight at the back which is handy for getting up in the middle of the night. Small, compact and well built.

Very handy

A really clever and useful piece of kit. The Lenovo Smart Essential Clock does a fabulous job providing not only the essential time features but also with google assistant built in enables far more. Great value and very useful.
James Gorton

Great purchase

This is an excellent product for the money. I have been so impressed with it that I ordered another one for a family member. So easy to set up and use, it also appears to be well constructed and will hopefully last for many years. I can thoroughly recommend it.


Works well with other Google home devices
N har