Amazing product that will save me some money

I'm old school and generally do not like all this talk about smart gadgets in homes. However, I can say I have finally got with the times and the smart thermostat is amazing. I can be a work and when I am about to leave I can adjust the temperature in the living room (the room I generally walk into when I get home). Believe it or not, I do adjust the temperature during this time of year. I find that sometimes the evenings are chilly and I don't want to heat the whole house and having the option to heat one radiator is perfect. It took me little over an hour to set up and get it running and I had nothing but a spanner. I am a bit of a DIY person so I knew exactly what to do but if you don't I see on the box that you can book a tado engineer to assist. I can see how I will save money, I don't have to heat the whole house unnecessarily. The app works perfectly and makes everything much easier to do.