A good all round oven.

Firstly I’d never heard of Amica so thought long and hard about this purchase before going through with it. I’ve only had it running a few days and so far so good. It is still smelling a bit of manufacturing and that is after a few good uses now and following the instructions to burn the smells off for half an hour but I’m hoping they will go in time, they don’t affect the taste of the food coming out so it’s all good. The click is a bright red display as are the clear plastic rings around the knobs which looks good but a little dated, a little bit cheap maybe as I would expect a bright white display these days. the instructions book is ok but a bit light in detail, I feel I’ll have to work this oven out instead of being told how it works. The true test will be how long it lasts over time as it wasn’t cheap and unfortunately haven’t used the steam cleaning process yet so can’t comment on that.