Nokia is back!

My old smart phone was very dated and I'd had it for years so decided to treat myself to an upgrade. After considering all my options I decided on the Nokia 5.1 (sim free) as it was just within my budget. It arrived very quickly, despite the time of year, and after having it for a week I have not been disappointed. It looks good, it's easy to use and it is super fast. The large screen looks sharp and videos play very well. I haven't used the camera very much yet but again it's easy to use and the images look pretty good too. The phone has some neat features like fingerprint recognition to unlock it and Android 1. I'm no phone geek but this does everything I want it to do and probably a lot more. One small drawback is that it is a bit slippery and therefor easy to drop I guess but that was easily resolved by buying a cheap and cheerful cover. I love my new Nokia and don't regret buying it instead of one with similar spec from one of the 'market leaders'