Brilliant Workout Headphones

Having worn the Plantronics Backbeat Fit 305 for a little while now the main thing I like about the headset is just how lightweight it is. It fits perfectly in the ear due to the wings, It comes with a set of earbud sizes that help achieve the perfect fit and keeps out the noise and a little carry bag to keep them safe when not in use. The audio quality is very good, music wise for working out in the gym or going for a run/walk, the cord has a reflective material that’s useful when running at night to help you be seen more. The Bluetooth connection and range is very good it paired to my phone within seconds every time I turned it on, I did find the control buttons a bit bulky it’s a rectangular box and while lightweight when I was running I found it sometimes banging on my neck not a big problem but worth noting. Using the headset as a hands free device for calls the wind did seem to get down the mic a bit sometimes, i did not have any problem inside and you could hear the other person nice and clear. one of the little negatives for me and was a little off putting at first was hearing myself talking kind of sound, hard to fully explain it, was like an echo/sea shell type of sound in my ears when I spoke. I have got used to it now and sometimes while driving just take one of the ear buds out to rectify this problem. I’ve used other handsfree devices and not had the same problem tho. The headset it self is sweat proof and I had no problems while working out even running in the rain. Battery level wise is good and the Plantronics onboard cpu voice is very clear. Overall I love the headset and would fully recommend it, if your after a work out headset that delivers great sound you won’t go wrong with this device