Mine is exotic

This toaster is a Which Best Buy, which is why I chose it. It is lighter in weight than it’s predecessor and the controls feel a little lightweight too, but it does what it says it will do and toasts well. I have not had the problem mentioned by some reviewers that it will not toast oversized slices. Mine have been perfectly browned. I say that mine is exotic as it arrived with the makers’label stuck on upside down but it lends it an air of upside down ness that troubles me not a bit. AO very fairly offered me a part refund which suited me very well as the notion of the carbon footprint made by a return was too much to contemplate. I am left with the impression that AO are very concerned about you being satisfied with their product and their customer service people are very pleasant to deal with. I will certainly look at AO first when next buying an electrical product. They could give other businesses a good lesson in how to deal with problems when they arise!