Android for Social Networking

The best feature about this new purchase is the screen which is very beautiful and simple to use for just about everything. My biggest disappointment is the improved camera which is slow to capture images and is lower in quality than older purchases. The phone itself does have all of the latest technical upgrades and does feel noticeably faster to use and update within the android performance. I was expecting to be very disappointed when switching to a new mobile especially because of the price range but I’ve already just after a few days become very attached to this new upgrade which can play games and then freezes even with the expanded memory which is solid separately but it actually does run smoother and is still extremely likeable. I can appreciate why some other retailers are not selling this handset with a power adapter which is poorly made and that playing music is low on quality with a cheaper sound. On the whole I am content with my purchase and would recommend it as a cheaper business solution with affordable running costs.