Consumer Racing Wheel

This is one of the best wheels on the market for the general public. Those that are into sim racing will know that this specific wheel is tailored to GT Sport, although it is compatible with many other games which is highlighted on the manufacturers wheel compatibility list. The T-GT Dials allow drivers to quickly changed in game features on the fly whilst racing, such as traction control (Blue Dial), brake bias (Red Dial), differential on 4 wheel drive vehicles (Yellow Dial) and also power output to the engine for fuel saving (Green Dial). This new feature allows drivers to adapt their driving style/strategy to be more competitive, saving precious time which is needed on track. In addition the wheel comes with a 3 pedal set and a brake mod, allowing a strong progressive feel through the brakes. As someone who frequently competes online (e-sports) I can truely say this is the best wheel on the market at the moment especially for the Granturismo Sport. Would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a fuller more immersive experience.