Who needs a console - Great Gaming Laptop

I would typically use a traditional gaming console to game however using this laptop has really opened my eyes to the fact that no longer do gaming laptops have to cost the earth or don't provide the same experience as a console. This laptop has amazing HD and sound (thanks to the B&O Play speakers and 1080p 17inch screen) as well as a pretty decent GeForce graphics card to ensure games played (or your laptop) don't lag. I do feel it is missing a backlit keyboard for night time gaming sessions but it does have white rimmed keys which actually reflect thanks to the massive 17inch screen, so it kinda doesn't need them. Despite the product specification on the page saying it doesn't have an SD card slot nor an ethernet port, it comes with both as well as 3 USB ports instead of the advertised two. It also has an impressive 11 hour battery life as well as benefiting from fast charge meaning it goes form 0-50% charged in around 30 minutes which is great for on the go. Could this replace my games console...? If I could get used to the games controls, most definitely as doubling up as an impressive everyday laptop as well would mean I'd save money and space.