Good Product, Not Perfect

This was purchased as a gift and was well received. The sound quality is reasonably good, not quite as rich as I was expecting for the price. Operation is slightly fiddly, having to repeatedly press "mode" to get to the desired function - would be nice if you could directly access, say, DAB, FM or Bluetooth with a dedicated button. The remote control is extremely poor for the price of this item - small, hard to read the buttons on the sort of remote that I associate with cheap electronics. To adjust the volume from the remote it is necessary to repeatedly press the up or down button and it will change in single steps - unlike every TV remote where you press and hold to get to the volume you want. Had a slight worry with the CD mechanism - having ejected a disc to demonstrate the operation, I tried to push it back in to play it - but the loading mechanism didn't activate until the disc was completely withdrawn and re-inserted. Also on one occasion the disc did not read until ejected and re-inserted - this has not reoccurred. Spotify connect works well with this unit. One big disappointment is that the USB socket on the front is not able to play content stored on a USB. The description on the box says it does, but it also says that specifications may change - and in fact the manual says the USB is only for charging devices. This is a real shame, I can't understand why this is not possible as USB playback is a very common feature on many devices. Also a shame that the unit has an external power brick rather than a built in supply. The overall aesthetic design is a matter of taste - I was a bit on the fence but the recipients of this item like it. The item feels solid and weighty, with wood and metal construction. In summary the item has reasonable but not outstanding sound, some decent features but sadly not USB playback, ease of operation is fair, the remote is poor. I feel it is slightly over-priced for what it is - nevertheless I wouldn't dismiss it if you are looking for a one-box solution with CD playback, DAB, FM and Internet radio, Spotify connect and (not tested) streaming from a server.