Huawei gt2 Pro 5*

Bought this from AO as huawei ran out, fast delivery 5*. The watch is for my 50th but even my son (24) loves it. The watch is fantastic and there are so many different watch faces available for what ever your mood. The watch can be paired with different phones other than huawei, so is a major rival to other big brands . I got the leather strap one (this can be changed) and it looks fantastic. I can download music directly to the watch so no need to take my phone on a run. Another great feature I will use more and more is 'route back' I can now leave my car in a car park go to a job and ask my watch to take me back to the car, a lot easier than on the phone. I get about 7 days of charge (only 36 hours on my other smart watch) which means I can forget about charging it when I work away and as its on my wrist I won't leave it behind.... So far a great buy