Good image quality and features

Good image quality and great range of apps (uses Android TV). As a gamer TV's are often hit and miss but the game mode does the job in both SDR and HDR. The TV remembers the picture settings of each input as well so no need to manually keep switching it to game mode. Requires a little messing around with the settings to get an image that suits yourself. For example I dislike motion interpolation so needed to turn that off and the brightness was a little too high on HDR content by default. The TV back lighting isn't that bright which limits HDR content a bit but you aren't going to get much better at this price without cutting other features. The Ambilight is great but again you may want to mess with the different modes that suit you. I personally prefer the Ambilight Game mode because it updates faster and dims the light in black areas which most of the other modes don't do (they usually use a bright white light for black areas), this mode makes the Ambilight better represent the image.