Stylish accompaniment for my kitchen

The KitchenAid motorised 2 slice toaster in almond cream looks very modern and stylish in my kitchen and accompanies the KitchenAid kettle nicely. It features a glossy cream colour to the sides and rear and stainless steel /chrome effect frontage and around the toaster slots. The toaster dial allows you to select how lightly toasted you want your bread, there is a keep warm function which keeps the toast warm for a further 3 minutes which is great, a usual defrost setting, a bagel setting and a reheat setting. The toaster slots allows extra wide slices but just be aware to only toast one variety and thickness of bread so the toasting is even and one doesn't burn to a crisp. Once the bread is inserted they often lean to one side but as soon as the start button is activated and has a blue glow outline, the motorised toaster draws the bread gently and quietly inside and centres each slice so they are perfectly vertical. This is pretty important for even toasting and I like this function particularly as our loaves of bread are often squashed thanks to helpful young children unloading the shopping! Once the toast is ready, the toaster emits a single beep which I don't really like - however unlike a conventional pop-up toaster, without the added beep this doesn't make a noise to suggest the toast is done. So it seems the audible beep is necessary. This is certainly the case for our family due to the hustle and bustle of breakfast time. Overall I am very pleased with this model of motorised toaster by KitchenAid. I also approve of the fact that the pull-out crumb tray is top-rack dishwasher safe. It will require a wipe down with a damp, soft cloth followed by buffing by a microfibre cloth to prevent marks on the chrome effect around the main buttons. It is a stylish addition to my kitchen and I would certainly recommend it.