Classic Kitchenaid style and quality!

I've had this blender just over a week and think I've put it through it's paces already so I'm ready to post a review! I chose Onyx Black to match my Kitchenaid mixer and it's a very classic and stylish addition to my kitchen counter (make sure you have the space, kitchenaid countertop appliances are too heavy to tuck away in a cupboard..And too good looking!). So far I've made several soups, pumpkin seed butter and several nut butters, the K400 makes light work of everything I put in. I do have a couple of kids so the 1.4l glass jug is a great size, you can buy other sizes, kitchenaid do lots of accessories for their small appliances but I don't see the need for any at the moment. My favourite thing about the blender though is the self cleaning cycle, the jug and blade are dishwasher safe (i think!) But i don't have one and this cycle makes life infinitely easier. This is a great investment piece, style and substance in one product!