It has changed the way I make coffee forever!

The design and build isso sleek - it looks great in my kitchen and doesn't appear too bulky, which I was worried about. The touch-sensitive buttons are responsive, and don't need to be pressed too hard, which makes it easy to use, even when tired pre-coffee in the morning. You are also able to make lots of different coffees, and the spout has enough room to insert all sized mugs from latte glasses to espresso cups. As this is my first Smart coffee machine, I was worried about inserting the beans wrong but the dual bean hopper makes it easy to understand, even for amateurs like me. The left-hand side is for espressso and milk-based drinks, whilst the right-hand side of for lighter-based drinks. Making the acual coffee is incredibly easy too - the top of the coffee machine has dedicated buttons for different drink types, and you can also dispense two drinks at a time, which keeps the boyfriend happy too. I mostly use the app to control the coffee machine. Using the app, you can adjust and set coffee profiles, so that each person's drink is personalised. Overall the Melitta Barista TS Smart has changed the way I make coffee forever - it's now more flexible, and exciting! I doubt I'll ever purchase a takeaway coffee again which will save me money in the future too.