Very impressive laptop

Let me start by stating that I am a design and IT professional. I am an Apple fan, and do not - although I work with them for most of the time, enjoy working with Windows based PCs. But... I have recently been drawn to the new Microsoft Flight simulator 2020 game. For what I had researched and seen it looked absolutely amazing. But to run it unfortunately for me I needed a Windows PC. So reluctantly searched for a powerful laptop that would run the beast of the MS Simulator game. During my search I looked at Alienware laptops (which are really overpriced - and look like gaming laptops, which I was trying to avoid), and MSI etc laptops, but they all looked very cheap and again like gaming laptops - which is great if that is what you are after. Personally I wanted a well built, powerful, clear screen W10 laptop and came across this Lenovo Legion 7. Yes it is a gaming laptop with a great 10 gen i7 10875H 8 core processor, which also boasts an NVIDIA 2070 Super 8GB graphics card. The screen is so clear and bright - hate to say better than my my 2017 MacBook in every way... well I must be honest and say that the battery life is pretty poor. But I am not running CAD or highly demanding games on my mac Anyway, as the laptop will most of the time be plugged into the mains this is not an issue. I can run office applications like AutoCAD, Inventor and also the flight sim on ultra high details with no issues at all, the fans do get a workout and can be a little loud, but that is only to be expected when all the electronics are stored in this nice thin laptop. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in having a machine that can be taken to a meeting without qualms and then used as a gaming machine at a drop of a hat. Or someone that just prefers a more sophisticated looking laptop. You will not go wrong at all with this gorgeously made piece of kit, the keys are so quiet to type to and feel very responsive the materials of the laptop are also really nice - super machine. I did also purchase the 4 year warranty to also cover accidental damage, parts, labour and all at done at your home. So I now have piece of mind that this laptop although it will be looked after is covered for the long term, the cover is a little expensive at around 10% of the price, but it is a £2k investment which really needs protecting. Anyway I do hope that you may have found this helpful in your search for your perfect laptop :)